Thursday 17 June 2021
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A year into sociopolitical crisis, thousands of Nicaraguans continue to flee

Despite having little interest in politics, Manuel* found himself caught up in the violence and persecution that erupted in Nicaragua a year ago, after the government cracked down on street protests. Andrea, a pregnant asylum-seeker from Nicaragua, used an improvised kitchen after arriving in Costa...

What next for Venezuela’s opposition?

After the fight for humanitarian aid, a weekend of violence, it is time for reflection. And Plan B. as opposition leader and self-proclaimed president Juan Guaido will be meeting regional members of the Lima Group in Colombia’s capital, Bogotá, today, Monday. United States Vice-President Mike...

Venezuela’s Maduro mocks Trump; vows to never surrender

Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro vowed to defend the nation’s independence with his life during a speech before thousands of supporters Saturday in Caracas, calling the opposition against him a “small group of dummies” who “can’t think for themselves.” Supporters of Nicolas Maduro cheer during a...

Five Killed, 285 Injured In Saturday’s Clashes At Colombia – Venezuela Border

Venezuela severed diplomatic ties with Colombia in the wake of the violence along the border between the two countries. From Twitter President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday also pledged to stop the aid from coming into Venezuela and called it a coup attempt by the opposition led...

Maduro’s End Would Be Just the Beginning of Venezuela’s Road to Recovery

The timing of any power transition in Venezuela, however, will depend on closed-door negotiations between the opposition and key armed forces commanders. For a transition to come quickly and relatively painlessly, it will need to gain the support of most regional and national military...

What Ortega Has in Common with Other Dictators?

The history of dictators repeats itself. They repress and terrorize their population when they should protect and respect them, while at the same time hiding the terrible truth. And, as if that were not enough, they blame the victims themselves. Dictators, besides being repressive, are...

How did this happen in a country once called the “safest in Central America”

(OPINION) The sentiments of many Nicaraguans was expressed on Twitter by Gioconda Belli: “Ortega has not given interviews in his country for eleven years, but now he is dedicated to washing his hands of his bad government and repression by giving interviews to journalists...


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