Tuesday 20 April 2021
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360° Photo of Volcano Arenal

360° Photograph of Costa Rica's most popular and active volcano, Arenal, the lagoon and Chato Volcano (called 'Cerro Chato' in Spanish), an inactive volcano that sits in the southeast side of the Arenal.  For more, check out this great video by Travelution SWIMMING IN A...

What Numbers Tell, and Don’t About Solo Travel By Women

Solo travel by women has grown in popularity year after year, but there are no clear data on the scale of violence against female solo travelers. Hostelworld, an online hostel-booking platform, found in a 2018 study that bookings by solo female travelers increased by 45%...

More Women Are Travelling Solo

Recent headlines about the deadly violence inflicted on women traveling alone have raised questions about how the world is greeting the documented rise in female solo travelers and about the role of social media in promoting the idea that far-off lands are easily accessible...

Simple Ways To Make Your Comfort Zone Infinitely Larger

(QTRAVEL) I've been on several solo trips over the years, having traveled to The Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, and Prague with only my journal and iTunes library to keep me company. Traveling by yourself is a real lesson in sorting through all sorts of feelings:...


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