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2 Dead and 2 Injured In Street Racing Accident Monday Night (Photos)

Street racing (piques in Spanish) and possibly the use of alcohol and drugs were a deadly mixture Monday night, when one of the drivers of one of the vehicles involved in the illegal activity lost control, hit a concrete divider wall, and splits in...

When Will The Transito Put An End To Street Racing (Piques)?

Rico's TICO BULL - It is midnight, one, sometimes even two in the morning, in front of my computer in Piedades de Santa Ana, I can hear the roar of engines and screeching times not from too far away. This occurs a couple of...

Transito Left For Dead In Grecia

  Q COSTA RICA - Road rage,  the aggressive or angry behavior exhibited by a driver of a road vehicle, in Costa Rica takes on the form of assaulting traffic police officials (Transitos) with more and more frequency.     The latest occurring in Grecia on Friday night.   On...

Why Can’t The Traffic Police Stop The Nightly Street Racing?

During the emergency, Monday night around 11:00pm, on the ruta 27, in Rio Oro de Santa AnaTICO BULL by Rico – Am I missing something here? Most of us who live in Santa Ana know well what goes on most nights on the stretch...

Costa Rica “Picon” Detained in Jordan, Awaiting Extradition

(QCOSTARICA) It was on the night of March 17 of this year. The scenario Pavas, in the area a few blocks from the National Stadium. A street race was on. But this time it would end different than the others. A young woman would...

Humour: The Posivite Side of High Gasoline Prices in Costa Rica

The positive side of high gasoline prices: reduces street racing and all the bad stuff that comes with it. See what street racing is like in Costa Rica since the latest gasoline hike last Friday. The video is from Facebook's Pura Vida.

Police Warn Spectators At Illegal Street Races

QCOSTARICA - Security Minister Gustavo Mata warned this week that even spectators at (illegal) street races (Piques, in Spanish) are subject to fines and arrest, under the explanation that if there weren't crowds to watch, the illicit sport would grow old in a hurry. In...

Police Fear “Picones” (Street Racers)

QCOSTARICA - "I'll explain something ...  those people (referring to the street racers) carry drugs; they are armed," Rafael Delgado, a traffic official (tránsito) in San José, replied to La Nacion when questioned why the traffic police (Policia de Tránsito) does not approach the...

Transito Accepts Not Being Able To Control Street Racing (Piques)

QCOSTARICA - Residents of La Sabana, Rohrmoser, Pavas and Cartago all have something in common: street racing. Most nights, public streets across the country are plagued by drivers competing for something or other. And sometimes things go wrong. The latest casualty from street racing occurred Sunday...


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