Tuesday 20 April 2021
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Panama’s coronavirus gender curfew sidelines transgender people

Panama implemented a "gender-based" lockdown schedule on April 1, intended to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. This measure appears to have left a significant section of the population — transgender people — in the lurch. On April 23, Human Rights Watch (HRW) urged...

151 Trans People Waiting On TSE To Change Their Name According To Self-perceived Sex

As of Thursday, May 31, the number of requests by trans people to change the name before the State and on their cedula (national identity card), according to their self-perceived gender, reached 151. This procedure, which has been claimed for years by the trans population,...

An activist, an election and LGBTQ rights in Costa Rica

When an anti-LGBTQ candidate won the first round of presidential elections in Costa Rica, Vincenzo Bruno took to Facebook to denounce him. “We are completely against Fabricio Alvarado, He doesn’t represent us, he doesn’t represent anyone in the LGBTQ community,” Bruno told his followers in...

Tica Transgender Wins Award For Best Actress In Film Festival

COSTA RICA CONFIDENTIAL - Jimena Franco's dream, now 40, of one day becoming actress has been fulfilled, and, in addition, won the best actress award at the Festival Internacional de Cine de Guayaquil 2017 (Guayaquil International Film Festival 2017) for the lead role in...

Costa Rica Transgender Women At Risk Of Sex Trafficking

(Q24N) San Jose, Costa Rica (CNN) On a chilly Saturday night in the Costa Rican capital, fashionable young couples pack into nightclubs and spill onto the sidewalks. But that's not the part of San Jose that Mariliana Morales wants to show us. She drives us...

Same-Sex Couples in Costa Rica Now Entitled to “Survivor Pension”

QCOSTARICA - The Board of Directors of the  Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS)  - social security, approved to extend coverage of the régimen de Invalidez, Vejez y Muerte (IVM) - dubbed 'survivor pension', to same-sex couples. The decision complements an agreement reached in 2014,...

U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica Raises The Flag of Diversity

QCOSTARICA - As a show of support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in Costa Rica, the U.S. Embassy in San Jose, on Wednesday raised the flag of diversity with that of the U.S. In addition, on June 28, the embassy building...

Is the world finally waking up to intersex rights?

Q24N - "The surgeon’s approach was that I didn’t identify as a woman because I didn’t have a vagina,” says Mauro Cabral. After growing up in Argentina being treated as a girl, he discovered at the age of 14 that he didn’t have any...

Transgender Persons Want Right To Identify Themselves With Gender and Name They Feel Expresses Their Identity

(QCOSTARICA) Diverse organizations like Mulabi, Transvida, and the Diversity Movement are seeking consensus in order to present a law to the Legislative Assembly in August regarding trans-gender rights. Promoters say that the law is necessary because of obstacles and discrimination that trans-gender persons face. The project...

Transgender Student Says She is Being Discriminated Because Teacher Refuses To Call Her By Her Chosen Name

QCOSTARICA  - Alejandro, a transgender student at the Colegio Tecnico e Pavas, says she has left behind the name and now wants to be called Aphril, but her teachers refuse to call her by the name she chose. A few months ago the Ministry of...


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