Sunday 11 April 2021
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In the first year of the pandemic, Costa Rica has the fifth lowest mortality from covid-19 in Latin America

QCOSTARICA -  How has Costa Rica done during its first year in the fight against covid-19? If you ask the demographer Luis Rosero Bixby, he will say that the most important indicators to determine it are related to deaths. "We can measure the severity of...

Presence of ‘Tica variant’ of coronavirus doubled between September and November

QCOSTARICA - Last December, a group of Costa Rican scientists pointed out that there was a variant of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes covid-19 that was very rare in the world, but very common in Costa Rica. Today, with more analyzes carried out, the scientists...

25 out of 100 Costa Ricans plan to break their social bubble on Christmas and New Years

QCOSTARICA - Days before celebrating Christmas and New Years', 25 out of 100 Costa Ricans plan to break their social bubble to share the holidays with other people who are not part of their home. If that behavior becomes a reality on December 24 and...

First 16 patients who received equine serum are now at home; 6 died

QCOSTARICA - The first 16 patients who received equine serum as an experimental treatment for the effects of COVID-19 have already returned home and are under surveillance, as part of the clinical trial protocol. Six others died. "Many were very complicated, with an average age...

Contagion rate in Costa Rica continues to decline

QCOSTARICA - The COVID-19 contagion rate in Costa Rica has been on the decline, falling again this week, to 0.96, its lowest point since last April. The rate is published every Wednesday by the Central American Population Center of the University of Costa Rica (CCP-UCR),...

COVID -19 “R” rate: Each positive case still produces only one new contagion

(QCOSTARICA) The reproduction or "R" rate of COVID-19 in the country currently shows a downward trend, reaching close to 1, according to data from the Central American Population Center (CCP) and the Development Observatory (OdD), both from the University of Costa Rica (UCR). Updated every...

UCR: COVID-19 second wave “pico” could occur within a week

(QCOSTARICA) The “Pico” (peak) of positive cases COVI-19 of the pandemic "second wave" could occur within a week. That is the estimation from Observatorio del Desarrollo (OdD) of the University of Costa Rica (UCR) after analyzing the epidemiological data released by the Ministry of Health...

What Was No Longer Consumed In Economic Slowdown

In the context of the economic slowdown that Costa Rica suffered for much of last year, 40% of families restricted their purchases of clothing and footwear. One-third of households reduced their spending on meals outside the home, and in the area of other recreation or...

Costa Rica Students Win Chicago Food Fair

(QCOSTARICA) 12 students from the Food Engineering of the University of Costa Rica University of Costa Rica (Ingeniería en Alimentos de la Universidad de Costa Rica - UCR), working on two different projects, won the International Food Technology fair held in Chicago, USA. The first...


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