Sunday 17 January 2021
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2020 Expectations For Electric Cars in Costa Rica Good

New models, better financing conditions and increased imports of used vehicles would boost the sale of electric vehicles next year in Costa Rica. Danissa, Grupo Q, BMW and Laudreni Auto dedicated to marketing electric vehicles, estimate that between 2019 and 2020 their combined sales will...

Could Cars Flooded By Hurricane Harvey End Up In Costa Rica?

TODAY COSTA RICA - Where to used cars in Costa Rica come from? Interesting question, no? Costa Rica does not manufacture cars. Many of the used cars were once a new car import. But many come in as used cars from the United States...

Costa Rica: Used Cars Lose Appeal

QCOSTARICA - The five kilometres to the town of Grecia is said to be the used car capital of Costa Rica, with used car dealers on the left and right of the street, signs attracting customers to good deals and salespeople waiting patiently for...

Import of New Cars Reaches A Record High

COSTA RICA NEWS - The import of new cars hit a record 34.000 units last year, the highest in ten years. The Ministry of Finance (Ministerio de Hacienda) says the accelerated rate of imports began five years ago. By contrast, the import of used vehicles...

Buying a Used Car in Costa Rica

Buying a used car in Costa Rica is not different than buying a used car anywhere else, an experience that ranks right up there with a trip to the dentist. But, there is one major difference, IN COSTA RICA -- USED CARS APPRECIATE IN...

Used Car Evaluation Rises

The recent rise in the Ministry of Finance values of used cars has hit importer, car fleet owners and the tax on selling a car. But, observes the national newspaper La Nacion, only 315 protests have been filed. The re-evaluation will raise import duties on...


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