Taxi Drivers Give Legislators Ultimatum On Uber

The formal taxi drivers expect a 'favorable' decision on July 17 from the legislative commission on ride apps, such as Uber, in the country


The taxi formal drivers (red taxis) gave the Legislative Assembly an ultimatum on the reform of the system of paid transport of people and regulation of the companies of technological platforms of transport, such as Uber.

Taxi drivers give the legislators of the Economic Affairs legislative commission an ultimatum: a favorable decision by July 17 …

The group of transporters met Tuesday afternoon with the legislators that make up the Subcommittee on Economic Affairs (Asuntos Económicos).

“We see that the project is on the right track, the thing is that on Wednesday, July 17, it is the last working day for the aforementioned commission to meet and pronounce favoratively to the bill,” the united taxis drivers made known their position on the social networks.


The group says that on the morning of the 17th, taxi drivers from all over the country will unite at Paseo Colon (by La Sabana park) and from there will form a caravan to march to the Legislative Assembly.

“The caravan will get underway after 9 am and is expected to arrive at the Congress building on the other side of downtown San Jose by noon,” says the published post. “There we will wait for the conclusion of the Committee to give a favorable opinion on bill 21228.”

“If that day the opinion is not favorable, it will be the wake to our work,” meaning they would take to the streets. Again.

The message on the social networks explains that if the decision is not made by July 17, the bill would most likely be deferred to the 2020 extraordinary sessions.

According to the taxi drivers, with the approval of the bill, regulation would be achieved that matches their conditions with transport platforms such as Uber.

The taxi drivers want Uber and others to be declared “as a public transport service, and never accept that it be declared a private transport”.

The taxi drivers are against Uber and other ride apps being designated a private transport and not under the same control and working conditions as the taxis.