Rico’s TICO BULL – If you weren’t aware, as many, this morning on the east of the La Sabana park there were two major intersection changes in effect, but despite the announcements last week, neither drivers nor the Ministry of Transport was ready.

The interesection at Soda Tapia (Avenida 2) is now RIGHT ONLY, yet the traffic light this morning still permitted a left turn!

One of the major hassles this morning was that the traffic signal on Avenida 2 still permitted a left turn lane at the intersection at the Soda Tapia. The change eliminated this turn, so a traffic official was posted this morning and is expected to remain until the traffic light is eliminated.

The left turn to the south is now an Avenida 4, one block south.

The intersection at Avenida 4 that was right only will permit a LEFT TURN

In what appears to be just bad planning or the typical “who cares” attitude by the ministry of Nincompoops also known as the MOPT, lines were painted on Avenida 2 indicating a left turn, a yellow line painted on the north-south road on the east face of the Sabana park, but nobody seems to have bothered to turn off the existing traffic signal. Or change it to only turn right instead of left.

The photos posted on the social networks show the ensuing chaos.

Fortunately, at the time of this post, no accidents had been reported.

But that is sure to change when the traffic cops go home for the night.

Be careful when transiting through the area! Stay safe. Get home safely, people are waiting for you!