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Things to Know Before Travelling to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for a lot of things including natural beauty and delicious food. Visited by more than 1.7 million tourists every year, the country’s economy is largely dependant on tourism. In fact, tourism alone generates more than $1.7 billion for the country.

While most tourists come from the United States, Costa Rica is now increasingly getting popular among Asians as well. If you’re planning on visiting Costa Rica but need that last bit of motivation then look below for some reasons to visit this beautiful place:


One single room in a budget-friendly hotel in Costa Rica costs only about ¢17,000 colones (US$28) for a single night. You will get free WiFi in almost all the hotels. Some hotels also offer full board and half board at very affordable rates.

- paying the bills -

Shared and private hostel rooms are also common in Costa Rica and they are much cheaper than hotel rooms. A shared hostel dorm bed will cost between ¢5,500 to ¢10,000 per night (US$14) while a private one will cost up to ¢15,000 CRC (US$25).

Bookings can be made online and discounts are also offered to people who make advanced bookings.


Gallo Pinto, Casado, Sopa Negra, Tamal, Patacones, Chifrijo are some of the most famous and delicious foods offered in Costa Rica. We suggest that you try these foods if you ever visit the country. They will bring you closer to the local culture.

A one time meal in a local restaurant can cost between ¢500 – ¢2,800 colones (US$4). These restaurants might not offer the luxuries that a high-end tourist restaurant does but the food is usually always delicious.

If you need more luxury, look for five-star hotels where a meal can cost up to ¢9,000 colones (US$15).

- paying the bills -

There are street vendors as well who sell lighter meals and snacks for as low as ¢300  (US$0.50).

You may also opt to make your own food as many hotel-apartments come with the facility to cook your own meal. This way you can save even more money.


Public transport is easy to avail in the country both for residents and tourists. A one hour trip will only cost you about ¢700 CRC (US$1.10).

The common mode of transport in the country is buses. However, tourists can also hire private vehicles to enjoy privacy. They are, however, three times the price of a common public transport bus.

The train system is not very common here.


There are many national parks in the country including Manuel Antonio, Arenal Volcano, Corcovado etc. The entry fees is between US$7 – US$15 for a single person. The parks offer many activities such as:

- paying the bills --

Horse Riding: The horses are big and powerful. If you’re adventurous then you’d definitely enjoy horseriding here.

Zipline: Ziplining is quite popular among people of all ages. Enjoy this incredible activity here, surrounded by nature. The views are simply breathtaking.

Sunset Sailing: Enjoy a ride on a boat and enjoy the beautiful view of a sunset.

Snorkeling: Diving deep into the sea in the presence of experts can be a fun activity. However, it is a bit expensive and costs around US$110 per person (includes a boat ride, equipment, etc).

There are a plethora of other activities too, such as surfing, canoeing, snorkeling, boating, massages etc. Since Costa Rica has beaches and nature, most activities revolve around water and nature.

You may also go to enjoy the wildlife the country has to offer. Many tourism companies offer wildlife tours that are worth a try.


While Costa Rica is not popular for shopping, you can find some known brands here as there are quite a few big malls and marts. You may also choose gifts such as a name necklace. They’re affordable and can serve as a nice memorabilia.


Most tourists arrive in the dry season which is from December to April. The weather is mostly sunny during these months and huge crowds make way to the beaches, parks, and other places.

The prices of accommodation and food go slightly up during this season as the country receives many tourists.

Fewer tourists are observed during the rainy season as the weather is cold even when prices are much lower.

The Conclusion

Costa Rica is an affordable place. It has everything to offer so plan your trip today.

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