Top Eco Tourism Destinations in the World


If you consider yourself to be a fan of ecotourism, the involvement of fragile and pristine lands and touring these natural areas, you may be interested to know which areas have been ranked as the top eco-tourism destinations in the world.

The revelation may fascinate you as the majority of these destinations are affordable to tour without taking out a loan, however, if you need the money for accommodation and spending, check here and then move onto your next travel destination to appreciate what the earth has to offer.

Costa Rica

Considered to be one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, Costa Rica is also one of the most eco-friendly tourist destinations and has been ranked as such.


This country has been ranked as the top Eco tourist destinations in the world and as one can imagine, being the most associated with ecotourism, the destination has become something of a tourist trend.

The country has managed to preserve its natural beauty and the Caribbean coastline is proof of this featuring some of the most exquisite rainforest terrain in all the world. Tourists can opt to visit the white beaches, the green forestry or even snap pictures of volcanoes on their holiday, something we may take for granted and younger generations may never see again.


The African country boasts natural safari grounds to some of the most elusive wildlife in the world. Eco tourists can appreciate wildlife, uninhabited beaches and coast lines as well as hidden wildlife under the oceans waters.

The coral reefs have attracted a number of tourists and as a result, the country is rich in ideal accommodations for tourists, activities and tours. There is even an eco-village, famously known as the Swahili Eco Villa Mgunga House.


Hardly touched by humankind, Antarctica remains one of the eco-systems most natural habitats.

Tourists can only visit the icy shores in summer months as winter is deathly cold and impossible to break through for tourists. During the summer months however, tourists can witness penguins lazing about the ice, whales out in the ocean and admire the ice bergs and the winter sunrises.

Amazon Rainforest

It goes without saying, the Amazon rainforest is one of the world’s most notorious forests, home to many undiscovered specimen.

Now there are guided tours which allow tourists to appreciate the full beauty of the rainforest, without the fear of dire circumstances of being amidst the terrain of the unknown.


The destination is just an island in the Western Pacific and is notorious for its oceanic life force which remains untouched. The ocean is home to numerous species of fish and just off the coast are magnificent forests which are a popular eco tourist attraction.

With the world going green and people more aware of our ecosystem and how we as human beings should be treating our surroundings, eco-tourism is fast becoming a welcome trend amongst travellers.

Join the trend and choose your destination from one of the top rated locations as mentioned above.