Trucks Crash Into The Same House In Less Than A Month

The tractor trailers, both carrying a load of lumber, crashed into the house of Xinia and Rosario within weeks. Miraculously No one was injured in the accidents.


Q COSTA RICA – Xinia and Rosario live in what has to be one the unluckiest spots in San Jose, for, in less than a month, two drivers of semis lost control in front of their house, in Barrio México, on the road that leads to La Uruca.

The first, occurring on June 13, the semi’s cab encrusted itself in the garage of the house and by chance only damaged the wall where one of the woman was sleeping.


Screen capture of the Telenoticias report of the June 13 crash that occurred at 12:50 am

Xinia, said she felt ‘reborn again” and explained, “I heard a loud noise, I thought it was an earthquake.”


In the second, sometime around 4:00 am this Wednesday morning, the semi’s trailer partially flipped on its side, the semi’s cab encrusted by a utility pole. The women were trapped inside the house.

Screeen capture of this morning’s incident occurring shortly after 4:00 am

In both incidents, the trucks were carrying a load of lumber. And in both cases, besides the material damage to the vehicles and the house, miraculously no one was injured.