Part of a campaign to curb deaths from traffic accidents

Q COSTA RICA NEWS – “Que Dios lo guarde”, “que Dios lo proteja”, were the words of some Josefinos when they saw two men with a rolling casket in the middle of the downtown, in the area of the Melico Salazar Theatre and Parque Central, Monday morning.

Of course there really wasn’t a corpse in the casket and the men rolling it were not mourning anyone in particular, rather it was surprise traffic accident prevention campaign, to bring awareness of the high number of deaths on the country’s roads.

This is the third of a series of messages promoted by the Consejo de Seguridad Vial (Cosevi) – Road Safety Council – and La Piedad Cemetery.

Weeks ago they paraded in a crashed vehicle, with the motto “You decided which you want to ride in”, with the additional message, “Control your speed, or you will end up like this”.

The goal is curb the number of traffic accident deaths that last year reached 451, not counting the accident victims who die in hospitals later.

Leading the deaths on the roads are motorcyclists (44%), followed by drivers and passengers in vehicles (27%), pedestrians (19%) and cyclists (8%).

Source La Nacion