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Ways to Boost Ecommerce Success in Costa Rica in 2023

Paying the bills


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18 March 2023 - At The Banks - BCCR

Paying the bills


The eCommerce landscape in Costa Rica continues to gain ground due to the country’s advanced information technology and telecommunications network development initiatives.

In previous years, more than 27.6% of eCommerce users in Costa Rica were aged 25 to 34 years, while about 24.6% were aged 35 to 44.

With the country already boasting over 150 percent cell phone penetration, it’s no doubt that the number of virtual buyers will increase with a higher margin in the months and years to come.

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While sites like Shopify have made it easy to start your own eCommerce store, more is needed to excel in the industry. You need to know how best to stage and market your store to attract more traffic, beat the competition, increase sales, and ultimately grow your eCommerce business.

This post will look at the top 10 ways to boost eCommerce success in Costa Rica in 2023. Let’s dive in.

Optimize Your E-commerce Site for Mobile

A recent survey showed that about eight out of ten online shoppers in Costa Rica preferred making their eCommerce purchases using a smartphone. Your eCommerce brand needs to adopt a mobile-first marketing approach to attract modern consumers.

It starts by ensuring that your site and apps are easily readable and navigable on smartphone touchscreens with fast page load speeds. Develop a responsive website design that adapts to various mobile screen sizes.

In addition, enhance consistency and coordination between your landing pages while keeping your ad copies short and sweet. The call-to-action buttons on landing pages should be easily reachable and visible on smartphone-sized screens. Also, make the checkout process on mobile frictionless with multiple payment options, such as Apple Pay and PayPal.


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Build an Email List

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Email lists are perfect for boosting long-term growth goals irrespective of your niche. An email list is a group of users who have granted you permission to share relevant content with them. You can rely on email lists to target and retarget customers to improve conversion rates, promote sales, market your products, and generate more sales.

One of the leading ways to build an email list is to create website popups, embeds, or signup forms to capture visitor emails. In exchange for the information, you can offer your customers website discounts or special incentives.

Sell on Multiple Platforms

A multichannel sales strategy is perfect for developing a safety net for your eCommerce business and boosting revenue potential. It also serves as a backup plan just in case your primary eCommerce site takes a hit. Other reasons to sell on multiple platforms include increasing your audience reach and bypassing potential platform restrictions. You can build brand awareness even if your eCommerce website is not yet running.

It is simple to get started, identify several marketplaces, understand their requirements, create an account, and list your products there. If you want an excellent platform to get started, try Vinted.

 Establish Targeted Pricing

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Targeted, specialized, and dynamic pricing models are crucial to staying ahead of competitors who constantly adjust prices to meet the changing market conditions.

One of the ways to optimize prices is through IP geolocation. IP geolocation lets you assess the website’s traffic and use the data obtained to provide specialized pricing. With that, you can easily factor in varying tax rates and other geographic pricing dynamics.

Besides, you can use IP data to develop geo-targeted matches to boost eCommerce sales. For instance, if most online shoppers in Costa Rica are looking for electronics, provide variety with different prices. This leads to increased customer satisfaction as well as profit margins.

Make Your Checkout Process Simple

A simple checkout process will help lower the cart abandonment rate. You can do this by eliminating the need for visitors to sign up before purchasing and allowing them to check out as guests.

Another great way to reduce friction during checkout is to lower the number of form fields needed to be filled by the potential customer. For example, allow customers to use the same delivery address as their billing address. You should also provide support for multiple business payment options to enable customers to use their preferred mode of payment.

Image Source: Pixabay

Generate Promotional Campaigns for Various Social Networks

Social omnipresence is key to the success of any eCommerce business. Ensure you have footprints on multiple social media platforms to attract more traffic to your eCommerce store. It enables you to engage audiences, build brand awareness, and tap into influencer networks. Take time to understand your target consumer’s social media habits to inform your eCommerce success.

Use Paid Traffic

Running paid ads can help boost your eCommerce sales significantly, with recent estimates portraying an 800% ROI for Google ads. When generating your first Google ads campaign, target relevant keywords that combine your product offerings and search intent.

Additionally, ensure that your text is clear and straightforward to enable shoppers to understand what you are offering quickly.

Work on Your Ecommerce Website’s SEO

With organic search accounting for more than 38% of overall website traffic, conducting regular search engine optimization for your site becomes crucial.

Optimizing your keywords, landing pages, and blog posts will enable your eCommerce website to rank higher on search engines. This will allow more visitors to find it quickly and increase sales.


Image Source: Pixabay


Leverage Urgency and Scarcity Strategies

Urgency and scarcity strategies induce FOMO (fear of missing out). However, it would be best to use them cautiously to avoid dilution and lowering their effectiveness. Some highly effective ways to implement them include providing the following:

  • Limited time offers
  • Free trials
  • Discounts and coupons
  • VIP lists

For instance, you can set up a popup offering a one-time free shipping code to those who join your email list or purchase a particular product.

Make Your Customer Reviews Easily Accessible

Online customer reviews serve as social proof in today’s competitive world. About 87% of customers go through reviews before deciding to purchase from a local business. This makes product pages with customer reviews generate higher conversion rates compared to those without.

Consider displaying your customer reviews in noticeable places, such as menus, product pages, and checkout areas, to boost customer confidence. If you still need to get reviews, use emails to ask and collect them from your customers regularly.

Final Thoughts

No need to break the bank to boost your eCommerce sales and success. Start by leveraging low-cost options, such as generating an email list and selling on multiple platforms to keep things moving. Feel free to try out numerous methods and ideas to identify the ones with the most impact on your eCommerce business and diversify your sales potential.





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