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What is Reddit and Using It for Business

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Reddit is a giant forum with 430 million users. In May 2020, 1.5 billion people visited it. This makes Reddit one of the most popular resources on the web.

The United States has the largest share of traffic, followed by the United Kingdom and Canada.

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Business owners need to utilize all the available tools and platforms for their project/brand promotion.  If you know what is Google Tag Manager, you can collect data on users’ behavior and choose the most effective channels. Consider Reddit as a probable platform for your business promotion. To purchase Reddit accounts can be a smart way to get success faster.


Consider Reddit as a probable platform for your business promotion.

Short Overview

On Reddit, users discuss the hottest news, funny memes, and other content. The platform consists of subreddits — subsections on any topic, from fitness and handicrafts to marketing and startups. They look like news feeds with individual posts. The more popular a post becomes, the higher it is displayed in the feed. Viral content posts are placed on the main page of the site.

Almost any Reddit business is possible on the platform because there is almost any TA from teenagers to experienced entrepreneurs. The most crucial aspect of a successful promotion is to take into consideration the nuances of behavior on the platform.

How to Use Reddit for Business

Take a few steps to create an account:

  • when you are on the site, click on Register;
  • type your email, company name, and create a password.
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Reddit will immediately suggest communities that might interest you and recommend you join at least five of them. You can change your preferences later.

In your account settings, it is necessary to write a short description of your company (not more than 200 characters), add a profile and cover photo. It is better to use a logo. In this way, you will draw attention to your brand.

Before you start promoting your business, note that selling your product directly is not acceptable on Reddit, so your strategy should not be aggressive. Here are some useful tips.

1. Earn a Reputation

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To promote your brand/company on Reddit, you need to be part of the community and win the trust and loyalty of the TA. Don’t advertise a brand if your account is empty and karma is zero or low.

2. Choose Your Content Carefully

Having built up karma, add promotional content. But remember: people use Reddit not to buy or find info on products/services, but to communicate. They want to have fun and learn the news.

3. Be Active

Reddit is not a platform for speeches — it is a site where people exchange their opinions. Participate in the discussions, arrange various surveys. You need to show that every point of view is significant to you.

4. Propose Discounts

There are communities on Reddit dedicated to great deals such as “r / deal”. There you can tell about the sale or share a promotional code. If you choose the right subreddit and offer an attractive deal, this will increase brand popularity and awareness and help you win the loyalty of the TA.

All in all, Reddit can be an efficient addition to your promotional strategy if you use it correctly and follow the platform’s recommendations.

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