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What is the Legal Situation of Live Online Blackjack in Costa Rica?


Costa Rica is a beautiful destination for those going away on vacation. It also has some great casinos for those who love a bit of thrilling fun. These casinos, though smaller and less grand than the ones you can find in Las Vegas, are often packed with punters.

What about the legality of online casinos in Costa Rica? Can you play online when you are on holiday? Can you play online if you are a resident?

What are The Rules for Gambling Online in Costa Rica?

The rules for residents in Costa Rica are rather strict. The laws of the country prohibit online gambling. It is legal to play any game where there is a random outcome. This means you cannot bet on a sports team to win or any of the other normal betting examples you might use.

Can Visitors to Costa Rica Play Online Casino Games?

If you are visiting Costa Rica, and want to play a few fun casino games, then you can. When choosing which online company you wish to play with it is best to choose a company that is reputable and safe. You will also want to choose one that specializes in your favorite game. If that game is blackjack, for example, try playblackjacklive.co.uk, which is one of the best online live blackjack in the UK sites.

There is No Official Gambling Legislation in Costa Rica

It is also important to note that there is no official gambling legislation in Costa Rica. In places like the UK, for example, the gambling legislation works to protect the everyday person. This means it advocates for responsible betting and gambling in any type of game. It also is responsible for ensuring that some online games, like slots, are fair and not rigged.

In Costa Rica, however, there is no official gambling commission, even if you do see a few casinos claiming one represents them.

Why Are There Costa Rican Online Casinos

The loophole that many casinos (especially online casinos) operate under is that it does not matter where the servers are located. A Costa Rican run online casino can operate in Costa Rica, so long as residents of Costa Rica do not gamble on it.

How Can Costa Ricans Play Online Casinos Games?

Residents in Costa Rica cannot legally play online casino games, though there is some wiggle room when it comes to betting on international gambling sites. However, there is a loophole for visitors in Costa Rica. They can access online gambling sites, as long as the money they are spending never enters Costa Rica. This loophole is part of the reason why there are so many different Costa Rican casinos operating, and why Costa Rica became such a huge hit with American tourists.

The legal situation of live online blackjack in Costa Rica is complicated consequently complicating online casino or betting in Costa Rica. The official rule generally declares that residents are not permitted to gamble in any form, but you can enjoy some adult online fun if you are a visitor playing UK-based blackjack or someone accessing a Costa Rican online casino from outside of the country.

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