Woman holds on for life as her  jealous 'significant' drives off with her car. This on Monday in San Carlos, Costa Rica
Woman holds on for life as her jealous ‘significant’ drives off with her car. This on Monday in San Carlos, Costa Rica

QCOSTARICA – This story is about love, alcohol and cars. The story has gone viral on the social media and picked up by television stations and newspapers, print and online, around the world. All originating from Costa Rica’s northern zone, in the area of Aguas Zarcas in San Carlos.

It was Monday, at 11:30am when, apparently, the woman was drinking at the Cerro Cortes de Aguas Zarcas bar in San Carlos, in the company of a man who was not her significant other.

On arriving at the bar, the significant other began an argument with the woman.

Reports say he took her by force, forcing her into a vehicle.

They drove about two kilometres on a gravel road in the area of Los Lotes de Aguas Zarcas. We can only imagine that the couple continued arguing. There, the driver stopped the vehicle, at which time the woman got out.

In an interview with local television station channel 6 (Repretel), she says she asked for the keys to the car, because it was hers.

The woman says she was standing in front of the card when her significant other, still behind the wheel, refused and started to drive off.

Not to be run over, she says she threw herself on to the hood of the car and grabs hold of the windshield wipers, holding for her life. In an interview, the woman said it was either that or be run over.

But the story doesn’t end there.

The couple – he behind the wheel and she on the hood, holding on for dear life on the hood – drove for some 15-25 kilometres (depending on whose report you choose to believe), when a second vehicle appeared. It was the man at bar drinking with the woman, the alleged lover, coming to the rescue.

In a video taken by Deyber Vega, who had been following the couple for a short distance, the man in the second car flips his vehicle when he swerved to avoid hitting head on with the car with the woman on the hood, zigzagging, on the gravel road.

Police were called. Francisco Morales, regional director of the Fuerza Publica (police) confirmed the call of a case of domestic violence.

Morales said the officers caught with the couple some two kilometres from the centre of Pital, at which time both had gotten out the car.

Being a case of domestic violence, police cannot act unless there is a sworn statement. At this point there was not, police had not been witness to the what happened and the jealous ‘husband’  had fled into a neaby pineapple plantation.

As to the second man, he was treated at a local EBAIS (clinic) in Los Chiles de Aguas Zarcas for minor cuts and scrapes.

In the television interview, the woman, who demonstrates on her car now parked in the  ‘cochera’ how she held on while her significant other kept driving at speeds of 100 km/h or more. “I really don’t know how fast he was going, only known my hair blowing all over the place,” she said in the interview.

“I told him I wanted nothing do with him any more…he wouln’t stop, I broke the windshield…”, the woman relates her story for the cameras.

Since, the woman filed a complaint against the man who is the father of her two children.