– Some 2.7 million people in Costa Rica have a Facebook account, according to a study by iLifebelt, which had been analyzing the use of the social media in the region for the last seven years.

The study reveals that Panama and Costa Rica have the most users in proportion to its population.

However, Costa Rica was the Central American country with the lowest increase in users over the last year, 8.7%, while Guatemala had the highest, 30%.

Currently there are 18 million “active” users in the region,  Guatemala being the country with the most people registered in Facebook. Guatemala is also the country with the largest population in the region, 15.47 million (2013). In comparison, Nicaragua has a population of 6.08 million (2013); Costa Rica 4.872 million (2013); Belize 331,900 (2013); Panama 3.864 million (2013); Honduras, 8.098 million (2013); and El Salvador 6.03 million. All numbers are based on 2013 data.

However, in terms of population density, Panama and Costa Rica are the countries with the highest percentage of users on the network

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