Former U.S. Ambassador to Costa Rica, Fitz Haney has been paired up with Lucia Jimenez for the fourth edition of Teletica’s Dancing With The Stars that airs starting Sunday, September 7, at 7 pm on channel 7

Former U.S. ambassador to Costa Rica, Fitz Haney (S. Fitzgerald Haney), will take to the stage with dance partner, world salsa champion, Costa Rica dancer Lucia Jimenez (winner of last season) in the fourth season of Teletica’s Dancing With The Stars (DWTS).

The participants have spent the last month in rehearsals and are now paired up with a “random” selection on Tuesday, August 22.

Lucía Jiménez and Daniel Vargas winners of the third edition of Teletica’s Dancing with the Stars.

The rehearsals will now continue with a partner for the competition start on Sunday, September 10, at 7 pm on local channel 7.

Randall Vargas and Shirley Álvarez will return as hosts for the Dancing with the Stars 2017.


Víctor Carvajal, Adriana Durán, Sophia Rodríguez, Harold Wallace, Marcela Ugalde, Fitz Haney, Daniel Carvajal, Johanna Ortiz, Natalia Carvajal and Gustavo Gamboa make up the 10 participants of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ 2017.

Other couple participants include Víctor Carvajal who will take to the ballroom with Diana de la O; Billy Corado returns and will be dancing with sports journalist Adriana Duran; Harold Wallace with Tatiana Sánchez; Daniel Carvajal with Yessenia Reyes (winner in the second season); Gustavo Gamboa with Alhanna Morales (winner in the first season); Johanna Ortiz with David Hernández; Sophia Rodríguez and Michael Rubí; Marcela Ugalde with Javier Acuña; and, Natalia Carvajal with Erick Vásquez.


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