Angie Gabriela Quirós Navarro, 23 years of age, a resident of Lomas de Quircot, San Nicolás de Cartago, is the first homicide of 2020.

From Facebook

According to the Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ), the incident occurred in the first minutes of the year, killed by gunfire gone unnoticed, confused with the noise of the fireworks celebrating the new year.

At that time, the woman was on a public road with two men, when a third arrived in a vehicle and argued, at gunpoint, with one of the men.

It was then that the gun was fired and the bullet hit the young woman in the head.

Authorities presume the woman was not the subject of the attack.

In social networks, those close to Quirós lamented her death and showed their solidarity with the mother of the deceased, who was looking after the woman’s two children, a five and two year old.

The homicide occurred in Cot de Oreamuno, Cartago, about nine kilometers south of Quircot de San Nicolás, where the young woman lived.

At the moment there are no people detained for this murder, but the OIJ of Carthage works on collecting clues that help determine who perpetrated it.

Last year there were a total of 560 homicides, 25 less than in 2018.