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5 Top Destinations for International Students 2021

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Have you been thinking of studying abroad? You need to choose your ideal country before choosing a college or specific program. But, how do you make such a decision? What criteria should you keep in mind before reaching a decision?

Research studies have shown that the majority of students who want to study abroad also plan on how to find a job after their graduation. Therefore, the biggest factor that you should consider when choosing a destination is its employability.

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When it comes to employability, only a few countries dominate. And they include Canada, the USA, France, UK, Australia, Germany, and China. Here are five countries that are ideal for international students.

1. Canada

Canada is one of the best destinations for international students due to its welcoming attitude especially to immigrants, international educational systems, and breathtaking beauty. Several Canadian universities are popular for their research studies. And the institutions themselves go hand in hand with universities in the UK and the US despite being less expensive than them.

You should consider applying for Canadian scholarships. When it comes to work, the unemployment ratio stands at seven percent. If you know both French and English, you can easily get a job since bilinguals are always in demand. Work visas are available to students. And there is always an option of getting a Permanent Residency once you’ve worked there for some time.

2. The US integrated with personal statement help and writing sites

The United States doesn’t need any introduction especially when it comes to studying there because there are lots of colleges and universities to choose from. You can choose a school depending on tutor access tto Writix and  financial backing toward a specific program.

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It’s one of the countries that holds lots of places in the top ten universities with access to personal statement help and writing sites across the world. The rate of unemployment in this country is one of the lowest in the world. Graduates always have an opportunity to get a job that will help them achieve their dreams.

3. United Kingdom

The UK is home to great universities like Oxford and Cambridge. And it is one of the best places to study in the world. Universities in the UK are costly than the ones in the US since there are few scholarship opportunities. However, the quality of education is unquestionable.

Student life is amazing. And there are lots of cities to choose from depending on your lifestyle.

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The employment rate in the UK is amazing with 70 percent of graduates getting a job immediately after their graduation. However, living in the UK can be quite tricky due to the strict measures in place. You’ll only get a work visa if you have a job that pays more than 200000 pounds per year.

4. Germany

This is a destination with one of the strictest education systems. Students who study in public universities don’t pay tuition fees. The higher education system is on point and the opportunities to advance your career are endless.

Germany has a strong economy and young lads can easily land a job there. The chances of being employed increase greatly if you learn the German language and speak it fluently.

The job market in west Germany is better than that of the east due to saturation levels. However, you should keep in mind that working in Germany is much easier for EU nationals than non-EU nationals.

5. France

France is popularly known as the land of fine wine, dining, and culture. It’s also one of the best destinations to study and work. The best learning institutions are located in Paris.

Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap city to live in, there are some great options in Lille, Toulouse, and Lyon. Student life is quite vibrant with lots of amazing activities to engage in.

Finding a job is quite difficult if you don’t know French. However, starting a small business is becoming a thing in the country. And the majority of small companies are taking in graduates and allowing them to grow their companies and careers.


The country you choose to go to will determine the experience you’ll have as you study and work. Students need to research the countries that we’ve discussed here to find out what works for them. These five countries are the best destinations for international students.

These countries will not only allow you to study but also work to accelerate your career growth. Don’t be afraid to test new waters and find opportunities. Travel as much as you can while you have the chance. Remember, time waits for no one.
Author Bio:

Michael Turner is a qualified and certified editor. He is interested in literature, art, psychology, and health. He enjoys painting and reading poems during his free time.


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