Tuesday 29 November 2022

5 Toxic Relationship Habits That Are Considered Normal

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What girl would not want her love story to develop as enchantingly as in the movies? However, modern films and books slightly distort people’s understanding of love and romantic relationships. So, there are some habits that seem normal, but in fact, can ruin any relationship.

  1. Considering a partner to be your “other half”

A lot of guys who date a single mom admit that their relationships suffer from women’s inflated expectations. The biggest mistake and foolishness is to think that a person should “complement” you.

Please remember that no one can live a full-fledged life with the belief that they need another person to be completely happy or to solve all their problems. This attitude can lead to toxic relationship dynamics such as codependency, insecurity, and controlling behavior.

  1. Expecting your beloved to fix your emotional turmoil

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How many times have you quarreled because your loved one didn’t support you at hard times or lacked sympathy for your unlucky day? Have you held grudges because your beloved did not show emotions in the way you need?

While supporting each other is really important for romantic relationships, there is still a big difference between support and emotional commitment. You should complement each other without feeling that one of you is dependent on the other.

  1. Categorical judgment of the partner

Instead of saying “Your words hurt me”, you say “I will never date a person who says such terrible things!” Instead of saying “Because of your reaction to what I said, I felt unheard”, you say “You ignore my feelings!” Sound familiar?

Such reaction is the result of expectations based on your own “ideals” that really have nothing to do with your partner. So, stop asking too much of your loved one and start accepting them for who they are. Don’t have a beloved person but really want to experience the wonderful feeling of being in love? Then it’s time to meet single women online on Ukrainian dating sites!

  1. Hinting instead of speaking directly

You might not even think about it, but your hints can be toxic and destructive. Such clues mean that you are trying to egg your partner on what you want instead of just saying it.

If you cannot openly express your feelings or desires, this is a sign that your communication as a couple takes some work. After all, if you know that your feelings are treated with respect and without judgment, you have no reason to be passive-aggressive.

  1. Believing in fellow souls

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This is another misbelief that prompts girls to wait for a charming prince since they first watch “Cinderella” or “The Twilight Saga”. What is the problem with this myth? You can spend your whole life looking for the perfect partner.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t find anyone who matches you, but you cannot expect your beloved to have all the best qualities at once or presume that someone will love you movie-like, no matter what you do and how you behave… Each person loves and expresses their feelings in different ways. Some people talk about their love, while others keep silent but prove it by actions. For some, love is flowers and gifts, for others – gentle touches and hugs.

Discover each other and look for what attracts and delights you in your partner. Your relationship is your own choice but not a gift of destiny. There is no good fortune, the world is your oyster!


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Paying the bills
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