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How do they do this? Secrets of exotic beauty and eternal youth of Asian women

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It seems that the entire world revolves around Asians nowadays. Japanese culture and traditions captivate Western people with their authenticity. Korean music is topping the most influential charts. Thai ladies attract attention with their ability to look young even at an advanced age…

But wait: oriental women generally look gorgeous and youthful. What is their secret, then? Do they really know something lovely American girls don’t? In fact – yes. Today we’ll reveal some of their beauty tricks -follow them to look even more stunning.

  • Prevent photoaging: use sunscreen.

Sunscreen is an essential attribute of every Asian woman’s daily routine. Moreover: without applying it, she won’t ever leave her house! An original umbrella or stylish hat is often part of such a lady’s style. Even in fall, this habit remains actual.

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Oriental princesses believe there is never too much photoaging protection. Unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn’t take this problem seriously. For example, in Ukraine girls for marriage, according to various researches, don’t consider sunscreen necessary.

  • Give preference to natural cosmetics.

Asian females prefer cosmetics that don’t include dubious components but solely natural extracts, vitamins, and microelements. You have probably heard about some, most popular of them – such as snail mucin, swallow’s nest extract, volcanic ash, and horse fat. That’s right, you can find all the components mentioned above in Korean beauty products. Let’s be thankful to our oriental friends and try their cosmetics to achieve the best results.

  • Follow the Asian three-seconds hydration rule.

Don’t worry, we’ll explain how it works. So, this Asian beauty rule states: you should moisturize your skin within three seconds after cleansing. To make it done, place the already opened toner next to you and apply it immediately after the face washing. Asians believe if you wait sixty seconds – the hydration level of your skin drops 30% compared to the normal one. The skin that is not moisturized daily dries up, and, as a result, the aging process progresses much faster.

  • Use massage instead of plastic surgery.

Not all trends of the Western world are suitable for conservative Asians. As an example, they have a negative attitude towards Botox and other beauty injections. Instead, oriental ladies prefer the ancient face massage technique – Asahi. Its main difference lies in the intensive physical impact on the skin. Such massage effects mimic deeply located face muscles and  lymphatic system. For even better results, it is recommended to use a Korean massager too.

  • Don’t forget about the additional care.

Typical Asian beauty treatment also includes solutions to “local problems.” This includes getting rid of dark circles under the eyes, acne, redness, and pigment spots. Therefore, Asians developed special under-eyes patches, serums, peelings, and emulsions. Don’t neglect these products to look fabulous.

  • Try rice water in your beauty rituals.

Oriental women and rice water are two halves of one indivisible whole. They use it as a component of different makeup products and cleansers. In addition, it is highly recommended to drink rice water for skin beauty and extra energy all day long.

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Over centuries, Asian girls have been making rice water with their own hands. They steam the rice and just filter the liquid. As you can see – the process is not complicated, so you can do this too! Try it in your hair care rituals – the result will be impressive.

Asians are absolutely sure that following these simple practices helps to look gorgeous. However, they think if you are constantly nervous and stressed out – it won’t work. Remember: stress is the main enemy of your youth and good-lookingness. For this reason, try to worry less and, in any situation, search for inner harmony. Here was the main lesson from oriental beauties that everyone should definitely learn.

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