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7 Things to Do in Costa Rica on a Budget

Costa Rica attracts a lot of tourists who want to rest and spend time with fun. If you have a tight budget, check out the top 7 things to do in Costa Rica.

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Paying the bills


Costa Rica is the best tourist destination in Central America. It attracts a lot of travelers all around the globe. Certainly, not all tourists have a lot of spare money to explore the Caribbean Sea’s marine life or get air tours.

In this post, you will discover how to spend a great weekend in Costa Rica, even if you have a tight budget.

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Rest on a Beach

Costa Rica is a country with enticing beaches. It has two coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific. Therefore, if you want to relax and get distracted from the everyday routine, spend your weekend on a beach. It’s free for everyone.

If you’re looking for a beach with a cinematic view, the best pick is Playa Manzanillo. This place is a great combination of azure water, white sand, and tropical palms on the beach. Don’t forget to free space on your smartphone as you will want to capture the view on your camera.

Alternatively, you can visit Costa Ballena on the Pacific Coast. This beach has a long sandbar in the form of a tail. It helps explore the marine world in more detail. Depending on the season, you will be able to see turtles or Humpback whales while snorkeling.

Explore Waterfalls

Do you like waterfalls? If so, Costa Rica will impress you. Roughly, the fourth part of the country is covered by rainforests so that you will find some great spots.

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A lot of waterfalls are located in private areas, so landlords may charge from $2 to $15 to access them. Therefore, don’t be shy to plan your trip if you have a tight budget. In case you’re a student who isn’t good with numbers, feel free to pay for math homework to maintain a high college score.

One of the most popular waterfalls in Costa Rica with free access is La Fortuna de San Carlos. It is a 10 feet high and 30 feet wide waterfall that attracts a lot of tourists. Don’t forget to grab a waterproof case for your gadgets to make some stunning shots.

Visit National Parks

Costa Rica is a top place to visit for nature lovers. There are 30 national parks in the country, so that you can spend all your time exploring the local flora and fauna in its origin.

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The Monteverde Cloud Forest is the most popular park among tourists. This place gathers a lot of unique species that can be found only there. This national park is home to a large diversity of birds.

Hike in a Rainforest

As it was mentioned before, Costa Rica is rich in rainforests. If you’re not afraid of the jungle and ready to find new paths, feel free to hike in a rainforest.

It may be dangerous to hike in the jungle if you have zero experience and no survival skills. In such a case, always follow the paths for tourists or hire a local guide.

If you’re a student, do not hesitate to use an essay helper online to pass all your assignments fast and have an unforgettable weekend in Costa Rica’s forests.

Learn To Surf

Costa Rica is a desired destination for surfers due to a large number of beautiful spots and round-year summer. Therefore, if you’re a learner and want to get rid of everyday stress, you can pack your suitcase anytime and go surfing anytime.

Whether you choose the Caribbean or Pacific coast, you will find a lot of surfing schools. In case you’re not a fan of surfing, you rent a boogie board for really cheap.

Visit Museums

San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital, won’t impress you with stunning beaches as it is located in the country’s middle. However, if you want to learn more about the country’s history and local traditions, do not hesitate to visit San Jose museums. Also, it can be a great alternative to sightseeing on a rainy day.

There are a lot of museums with entry tickets for less than $10. Museums in San Jose aren’t ancient buildings with a large number of exhibits that are covered with dust. Every museum will impress you with the modern-looking interior and interactive exhibits.

See Volcanoes

Have you ever wanted to see a volcano? If so, Costa Rica has what to offer. There are 61 extinct and 6 active volcanoes. Fortunately, you won’t see flowing lava here. However, the most visited place among volcano tourists in Costa Rica is the Poas Volcano National Park.

There, you will find a volcano’s crater that is filled with acidic water. Sometimes, the lake can act like a geyser. Being a student, do not hesitate to order an assignment at PaperCoach, an essay writing platform to delegate your homework and visit this amazing place.

Bottom Line

Costa Rica is a beautiful country that will impress you with a large variety of attractions. Choosing this country as a destination to have a wonderful vacation, you won’t go wrong. Remember, going to Costa Rica, don’t care about money exchanging as US dollars are widely accepted in the country.


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Paying the bills
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