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“Aliens” Is 35 Years Old!

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Exactly 35 years ago, on July 18, 1986, the sequel to the cult film by Ridley Scott was released – the iconic “Aliens.” Despite the huge financial success and widespread acclaim of the film, the sequel was only released seven years after the release of the first film.

For some time, the studio thought that they would not be able to achieve the same result with a sequel and then the producers could not decide for a long time whether to make a direct sequel to “Alien,” continuing the story of Ripley or to make a film with a completely different story and new characters.

As a result, they started looking for a screenwriter. In 1983, one of the producers got hold of the script for “The Terminator” by James Cameron. He liked the script and it was decided to invite Cameron to negotiations. The film was released eight years earlier than the first even online gambling venue. While the action movies became more advanced, online slots also developed and you can see it on site.

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The History

Cameron provided the producers with his rough draft of the script and it was he who also insisted that the sequel be a continuation of Ripley’s story. The director wanted to move away from the horror theme of the first film and create a space-action movie where an already armed and trained squad of space marines fights a less technologically advanced, but well-adapted enemy.

This decision was inspired by his own script for the second part of “Rambo” and his love for the book “Starship Troopers” by Robert Heinlein. The confusion of these two themes (Vietnam + Star Infantry) gave rise to the concept of colonial marines, who in the film behave very much like American soldiers during the Vietnam War.

Filming began in September 1985 and ended in February 1986. During the filming process, there were scandals. James was in conflict with some of the crew, so first, he had to change the operator and then the first assistant director. Also, the production process was complicated by the fact that Cameron was working on the scripts for several more films, because of which he constantly had to move from project to project.

The script for “Aliens” was rewritten and refined several times, during the filming some scenes were reshot or cut out, and something got into the extended version, which was released much later and immediately on media.

The Success of the Project

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Ultimately, Aliens was released in the US and Canada on July 18, 1986. The budget compared to the first film has grown from $11 to $18.5 million. But the fees also increased significantly, amounting to ~ $131.6 million. However, this was a raving success.

The film was loved

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