Thursday, 29 October 2020

Allison Bonilla case: Remains found in clandestine dump are Allison’s, confirms OIJ

Last week OIJ agents found skeleton remains after rescuers found articles of clothing that belonged to the 18-year-old girl missing girl

QCOSTARICA – It’s been seven months since Allison Bonilla Vásquez disappeared. The only suspect in the case confessed to abducting, sexually abusing, killing her and durmping her body in a clandestine dump in Cachí, in Paraíso de Cartago.

The confession led to numerous searches by police and volunteers, who combed the area for weeks until last week when bone remains were discovered near some clothing the family identified as Allisons.

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On Monday, the Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ), confirmed that the skeletal remains found last week belong to the 18-year-old girl.

On Monday, September 28, searches, hired by the family, found a femur near some clothing and calling in the OIJ. On Thursday, October 1, judicial agents found a vertebra and two ribs in a search of the site.

In a brief statement sent by the OIJ press office Monday, they stated: “This was achieved (verified) thanks to the quantity and quality of the DNA sample that the forensic experts extracted from the found femur bone.”

The OIJ would not elaborate saying a full press conference would be given today, Tuesday.

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Rodrigo Araya, lawyer for Allison’s family, assured that knowing these results is always regrettable, especially for the family. However, he assured, it is also a way to bring them peace, to “completely close a chapter.”

“We can now officially say that we have finally found Allison. The skeletal remains found at the site were duly analyzed by the authorities, who have managed to determine, already scientifically, that it is Allison Bonilla. Finally, we found her.

When the OIJ found the first bone remains, Yendry Vásquez, Allison Bonilla’s mother, assured that she could not deal with the pain of knowing that her daughter had gone through the cold, the rain and without a hug. Photo: Keyna Calderón

“On behalf of the family and ours as legal representative, we can say that this comes to completely close the circle. Firstly, this brings peace to the family, peace in that she was indeed found and, secondly, for the criminal process this is important because it is confirmed, now scientifically, that we are in the presence of a homicide.

“We hope that against this suspect ( a 28-year-old man surnamed Sánchez Ureña, alias Sukia), Allison’s murderer, the full weight of the law will fall. We are going to work so that this individual spends as many years as possible in prison and that justice is done, once and for all, for Allison,” said the lawyer.

However, José Francisco Herrera, lawyer for Sánchez Ureña, assured that he doubts the results.

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“This representation has many doubts. My clients has many doubts and if necessary he will request that it be reviewed by other specialists in the field other than those of Forensic Medicine. We want to know if the bones are actually hers or not, because I do not trust the opinions issued by them (the OIJ),” he pointed out in conversation with this medium.

Sánchez Ureña, at a hearing on September 28, hours before the first bone remains were found, changed pleaded not guilty, saying his confession after the arrest was made under duress and coercion.

The only suspect in the case now denies having killed Allison and dumping her in the same area where he confessed to having dumped the body.

The disappearance

Allison Bonilla went missing on March 4, seen for the lasat time on her way home from the bus stop. At the time, she sent a message to her boyfriend, who was ruled out as a suspect in her disapperance, that she felt that “two pintititicas” (best described as two hoodlums) were following her.

In her last audio message, Allison told her boyfriend: ‘I just got off the bus and two pintititicas are following after me’

After that, nothing was heard from her. Days after her disappearance, her glasses, and cedula were found, but there was no further evidence to explain what had happened to her.


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