Another Senseless Tragedy: Mother And Son Die in Crash

One driver found under the influence of alcohol and no license, the other refused a breathalyzer


In yet another tragedy a 28-year-old woman and her 7-year-old son died senselessly in a crash to avoid a traffic police checkpoint, on Saturday night in Golfito, in the southern zone.

Four others were injured in the head-on crash. One of theme, a 13-year-old boy was admitted to the Hospital Manuel Mora, in Golfito, in critical condition.


The crash occurred around 8:00 pm on the road to Rio Cloro.

According to Minor Picado, regional chief of the Policía de Tránsito (Traffic Police), one of the drivers tested positive in the breathalyzer test, the other refused and was arrested to be submitted to a blood test to confirm his state of drunkenness.

To boot, the driver of the car with the victims does not have a license. Nor does the vehicle have the 2018 Marchamo (right of circulation), or the Riteve (vehicular inspection).

In addition, none of the children in the vehicles traveled with any child safety device as required by law.

So, what happened, that would lead the tragedy?

Picado explained that on Saturday night officers from the Special Operations unit of the Traffic Police were in the area with spot checks.

In one of them, they observed when a white vehicle made a u-turn after noticing the road control head. A police patrol gave chase, but minutes later the officers were met with a head-on collision of two vehicles, with one the cases having the same characteristics as the car that avoided the control on the road.

With these two deaths, the toll for the year of road accident deaths (at the scene) is 422. The total for this month, in the first 15 days, is 27.

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The images speak for themselves. This is what is left of the vehicles involved in the head-on crash.