The release of Apple products was for many an event to look forward to, newsworthy, innovative and impressive. You could say that alone justified the hefty prices tags of Apple products.

These days? Not so much. For the average person, Apple’s pricing seems unrealistic, as competitors have caught up and in some cases overtaken Apple in product innovation and at lower prices.

The September wait for what’s new from Apple has lost its shine. To all but the most loyal fans, instead of being met with awe, they events are instead the target of derisive memes, as reported by Bored Panda, for the recent introduction of the iPhone 11. Wait, wait, what happened to 9 and 10? There has never been an iPhone 9 and the iPhone 10 – or iPhone X – has been discontinued. But that’s a story for another day.

No word on when the iPhone 11, in all its versions, will arrive in Costa Rica. Using history for Apple products, we can expect it sometime in November, but definetely by December.

For now enjoy the memes.