A video circulating on social networks shows a group called “Frente Patriota 7 de Julio” (FP7J) – Patriot Front July 7 – is inciting the population to take control of the country by force.

The group calling themselves “Frente Patriota 7 de Julio” threaten the Costa Rican President Carlos Alvarado and legislators with a coup, to remove them by force if they refuse to leave

Frente Patriota 7 de Julio

With their faces covered, dressed as guerillas, in the middle of a the jungle, with rifles, the group congratulate the sectors that protested days ago against the government – fishermen, students, peasants and all those who had the courage to tak to the streets –  and threaten President Carlos Alvarado and legislators with coup, to remove them by force if they don’t resign.

In the video, the alleged leader lashed out against President Carlos Alvarado, calling him a coward that he and his cabinet should resign and telling traitor legislators who support the president to abandon their legislative seats.

The leader also calls on the people to rise up, to take up arms and on the Fuerza Publica (National Police) to join ‘this revolutionary crusade’ that will soon be felt throughout the country.

“We have been tolerant, we have been peaceful, we have been always a people who love justice, but we are tired Mr. President, president of whom, of the traitors, the hypocrites, of the liars, because he is not our president, gentlemen, to all legislators, I say to you with respect, be with the people or leave because we are tired … To all Costa Ricans, it has not been easy to make this decision, but we have, we are tired, and the people have shown in different parts of the country that it won’t accept this any more.

“Costa Ricans, businessmen, you do not have to fear, corruption swept this country and we cannot continue in that same direction. To all Costa Rica, take up arms!,” said the leader of the group.

In social networks, some people have said it is a joke, however, the Minister of Security, Micheal Soto, nor Casa Presidencial (Government House) has yet to make an official response.