At 92, Ahmed Al Salan Completes the 21 Km San Jose Marathon

His discipline and effort made him the symbol athlete of the San José Marathon


Ahmed Al Salan, again became an example athlete for many this Sunday, when he completed the 21-kilometer San Jose Marathon. He is 92 and every day he runs 15 kilometers, therefore not a big problem for him on Sunday.

Ahmed Al Salan, who at 92 runs 15 km daily, participatedin the 21 km San Jose marathon on Sunday

Al Salan, who is of Jordanian origin has resided in Costa Rica since 1936.

He entered the race on Sunday quietly, accompanied by some five athletes who applauded him, as well as the public. As soon as he crossed the finish line, a paramedic from a medical services company asked him if he needed anything, but Al Salan said no, he was fine.



Days ago, Al Salan told La Nación that he does not care about his (rate) time, he enjoys every kilometer he devours because “I’m already old”.

“I feel good, but now I have to be more careful,” said this resident Calle Morenos, in La Sabana, when he was introduced by the organization as a symbol athlete.

Al Salan has been active in baseball, soccer, judo and weightlifting, the latter discipline with the hope of increasing size, but laughingly assured that it did not help. He is also has a love for roller skating and until October he still put on his skates and went to La Sabana; However, he has not been back because he says that some young people knocked him around for defending a girl and ended up in the hospital.

“When I participate in athletics I feel like I am in a family, everybody greets you, I enjoy it a lot and at the start, as everyone is taller than me, I’m warm, the problem is when the wind hits me,” he said on the day of the marathon.

The results of the San Jose marathon on Sunday, May 20, 2018:

Kenyan Stephen Kibet Tanui took the title in the 42 km San Jose marathon
  • In the 42 kilometer race, the men’s title was taken Stephen Kibet Tanui, a time of 2:30’24″; the women’s by Genoveva Kigen, with a time of 3:00’56”. Both runners are from Kenia.
  • In the 21 kilometer race, foreigners also reigned, for the first place for men went to Noah Droddy 1:07’17”; for the women’s Ema Kertez (Estados Unidos) 1:20’56”. Both athletes from the United States.
  • In the 10 kilometer race, men’s winner was José Asturias (Guatemala) 33’38”; women’s Yolimar Pineda (Venezuela) 41’01”.
  • In the 5 kilometers, Julio César Aviles (Costa Rica) 14’50” took first place for the men; Julay Gamboa (Costa Rica) for the women with a time of 17’35”.