Plaza de la Cultura, downtown San José. Photo: Vacations Costa Rica

COSTA RICA NEWS — A survey carried out by CID-Gallup on the perceptions of Central Americans regarding the direction of their countries shows pessimism in Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Honduras.

From a statement issued by CID-Gallup:

Nicaragua and Panama are the nations in the region with the best direction for the country.

This is the result of a series of public opinion surveys that CID / Gallup Latin America carries out every year in September in Central America and the Dominican Republic. The survey has a minimum reach of 1.200 households and is a representative sample of the national population.

An investigation into the various segments of the study reflects that optimism reaches all sectors of the population in the Caribbean country, while the Central American ones, especially those who support the ruling party, are those where the greatest hope is expressed about how their nation is developing.