A buffalo that participated in the Tope Nacional (Horse Day in San Jose) caused tremendous chaos when it went out of control and stormed into people

The buffalo that created chaos in downtown San Jose before being controlled and taken to a safe place

The animal, passing in the vicinity of the Puchos bar in San José (Calle ), when for unknown reasons became enraged, stormed against the protective railings, pushing them away.

The action caught on camera and published by Ahora Noticias. See the video here.

An assistant managed to capture the moment when the buffalo was wreaking havoc and shared it with Ahora Noticias. See the video here.

It is unknown why the buffalo lost control or if the damage to be buggy was before or during

The staff of the National Animal Health Service (SENASA) reported that the animal was controlled in time before causing a major misfortune.

The SENASA reports the buffalo was examined and had no injury and was then taken to a safe place, to say it was removed from the Tope activity.

For the uninitiated in San Jose culture, the day after Christmas is “horse day”, when thousands of horses and their riders take control of the downtown, the 3.6 kilometers from the Plaza Viquez to west end of Paseo Colon, to parade for the tens of thousands who come out to enjoy the ‘circus without a tent’.

San Jose mayor Johnny Araya was one of the participants in the Tope 2019

In the 2019 event, 1,700 riders and their horses took part in the even, each rider pays an inscription of ¢15,000 colones. The ¢25.5 million colones goes to the coffers of the Comisión de Festejos de San José, that organizes the event.