Claudia Dobles: ‘I have no other plans at this moment’

The First Lady thanks those who see in her the potential for a political career but affirms that she has nothing planned beyond the three remaining years of her husband's administration


Costa Rica’s Primera Dama (First lady), Claudia Dobles, says she is grateful to those who think she has the potential for a political career and aspire her to a presidential candidacy, but says she has no plans beyond the next three years.

Claudia Dobles, Costa Rica’s Primera Dama (First Lady). Foto: Jorge Castillo.

“I thank the people who, in some way, think that I have the qualities for such a big responsibility (to be president), but I tell them that my plans for the coming three years, is that we have to get a lot of work done and that we are focused on that.

“I believe that we should be focused on making Costa Rica the country we want and face the challenges together. We should focus on that and I’m certainly focused on that, I have no other plans at this time,” said the 41-year-old architect and urban planner who last month was ranked 15th by Fortune magazine in the “The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders List for 2019″.


In the first year of her husband’s administration, Doubles was entrusted with promoting telework, getting the country an electric train and taking charge of sustainable, decarbonized and digital development.

At the same time, she assumed the leadership of a government campaign to promote tourism in Puntarenas, which includes the reactivation of the Isla San Lucas as a destination for vacationers.

“It’s gone by fast, really, time runs when one is busy. I feel satisfied, we have worked hard. I think it was a year of important achievements, I think it was a year where the government showed itself as a responsible government with what we had to do to maintain macroeconomic security,” said the first lady.

Dobles told La Nacion that she started her management without any expectation other than working hard.

“I honestly am focused … I had no expectations, to be honest, my expectations were to work, that is what we have tried to do, we have been focused on the projects in which we think we can collaborate better and we are trying to contribute in everything we can.

“I have an excellent and committed team, that is important. I’m not alone in the office, I have a team committed to the work we do and that works together with other institutions and we try to help local governments, maintain an open dialogue with communities, and do the best job we can,” she said.

Her office, the office of the Primera Dama, reflects much of what she is. First off, one wonders: where is the desk? Well no, she does not use one. Instead, she has a large table with 12 chairs, a blackboard, and a screen.

The office of the First Lady on the first floor of Casa Presidencial. Photo: Rafael Pacheco / La Teja

Dobles brings to the office 14 years of experience in architectural design, project management, and urban planning, so what she needs is a space for teamwork.

For her, an iPad and a small table where she places her bag and the few personal items is more than enough. On the wall hangs drawings by her son Gabriel, who is now five years old.

On the wall hang drawings of her five-year-old son, Gabriel

Now, from this office on the first floor of Casa Presidencial (Presidential House), Dobles, as  she begins her second year (May 8) of Carlos Alaradado Quesada Administration (2018-2022), says she is focusing on work and no time for thoughts on a possible run for president.

For the second year she has been tasked to lead the projects for the economic development of Guanacaste, to bring employment and prosperity to the region as quickly as possible.

“We have important challenges …  we have to be able to generate employment and development more quickly”, said Dobles.