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College Blogging: Tips to Write Hype Content

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Paying the bills


If you’re into blogging, you’ve probably heard Bill Gates’ famous words: Content is king. There’s no better way of capturing the importance of quality content in today’s ocean of blogs and social media posts with users who have short attention spans.

That’s why any attempt to write hype blog posts starts with amazing content. Online writing services are good sources of assistance to create the hype content you want. As we all know, it can be daunting to write engaging texts, especially if you don’t want to ask a professional essay writer to help you out.

But as long as you write about the right topics, you can make sure the content you write gets shared by many people and goes viral.

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Here are some useful tips to help you create hype college blog posts.

How to Find Good Topics for Hype College Blog Posts?

Coming up with the topics that have the potential to go viral starts with knowing your audience. In the case of college blogs, your audience is obviously current or prospective college students.

Next, decide what topics interest and engage them most. Start by searching hype blog posts on social media or websites. Look for the type of content they frequently share. It can give you valuable insights about what they find interesting. It doesn’t mean that you copy the topics or materials from them. It’s just for getting inspiration and the idea of where to start.

Here are some topics that you can write about to engage your audience:

  • Living on campus
  • Advice for prospective students on how to get admission
  • Particular features or events at your college
  • Interesting student stories
  • Advice on the first day of studies
  • Work and study

These are just a fraction of themes you can find to write about. All you need to do is be receptive and curious to see what matters to students.


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But these topics don’t seem to have the potential to go viral. You should add other elements so that many people find the post worth sharing. These are some extra touches you can add to make your content more captivating:

  • Funny content. Try to find something hilarious about the topic at hand. Let your sense of humor guide you to blend the funny with the facts. But be careful: it should fit the context, the voice of the article, and the overall character of your blog. You don’t want to seem like you’re forcing it into the post.
  • Emotional topics. Blog posts that stir up emotions of anger, fear, awe, or surprise have the potential to attract many users’ attention. Life stories of students who overcame challenges like a terminal illness fit the bill here.
  • Controversial issues. Write about a topic that riles up the readers and makes them take opposing stances. Don’t be afraid to express a controversial view. Both readers who agree and those who disagree will be compelled to react by leaving comments and sharing your post.

 How to write the Content for College Blog Posts?

Having a topic that can potentially lead to a hype blog post isn’t enough. The way you present your ideas also matters. So, put a lot of work into the actual process of writing as if you’re working for an essay service company. Here are some tricks for achieving this aim:

Choose a Captivating Headline

Writing a headline is one of the most important parts of hype content. It should hit the spot immediately and get the reader in the door. Avoid using broad phrases; instead, promise to solve a problem, reveal a secret, or teach a trick. If you have trouble writing a gripping headline, you can use professional essay writing services.

But remember to deliver whatever you promise to accomplish in the headline. You don’t want your blog to look like yellow journalism by saying something sensational in the headline and presenting a whole different idea in the post.

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Find your Style

Your blog posts should have a unique voice to grab the attention of readers. The fact that you’re writing for a higher educational institution might tempt you to write academically and formally or use jargon.

None of these are necessary to sound professional. Try to write in a friendly voice – the same way you talk to someone. Academic writing can be boring and off-putting. Some occasional jokes and anecdotes can go a long way in creating engrossing and share-worthy content. An essay help service can help you edit your work to achieve that unique voice.

Pick the Right Keywords

Here, you need to do some research to see what Source are worth targeting. Using tools like google analytics, find the keywords or key phrases that your college can or should rank with. It’s an essential step to drive organic traffic to your blog.

Use Visuals

Images, videos, and gifs can go a long way in attracting visitors and making your post viral. College blog posts are perfect for this strategy since whatever you write is about your college and can have a visual representation.

Visual elements can complement your text, help you convey your message better, and work as a perfect SEO tool.

How to Share the Blog Post to Create a Hype?

Publishing your blog post on the website isn’t enough. You want to make sure the content you’ve created is seen by as many people as possible. Leverage the potential of social media and share your content on popular networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

You can also create a newsletter and have students subscribe to it. This way, you will ensure your new blog post doesn’t go unnoticed and increases its likelihood of turning into a hype post.

Bottom Line

Creating hype content for blog posts isn’t rocket science as long as you know who your audience is and what captivates them. By doing some research, you’ll find out what topics and keywords you should target. Having an active presence on the campus can give you plenty of ideas to create viral blog posts.

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