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HomeHealthCoronavirusCoronavirus in Costa Rica: Confirmed cases reached 804, use of mask recommended

Coronavirus in Costa Rica: Confirmed cases reached 804, use of mask recommended

HealthCoronavirusCoronavirus in Costa Rica: Confirmed cases reached 804, use of mask recommended

(QCOSTARICA) The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus covid-19 is now at 804, confirmed the Minister of Health on Monday, that is 3 cases more over Monday.

Health Minister Daniel Salas, during the Tuesday noon press conference, recommended the use of masks and spent time explaining its proper use.

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One day after the plan to relax measures against the pandemic was announced, Salas was emphatic that now is not the time think the pandemic is over and be careless.

The Minister recommends the use of the mask on public transport, in face-to-face meetings and for caregivers of patients with covid-19.

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Salas was emphatic that “it is not that the use of masks is going to replace hand washing, especially before touching your face, nor the social distancing of 1.8 meters.”

He clarified that the mask is to protect the people around you and not for the protection of the user.

The Minister also reminded people not to fall into a sense of security when using a mask and to continue the practice of good hygiene, that includes:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water before putting on the mask.
  2. Make sure the mask is free from tears.
  3. Make sure there are no gaps between the face and the mask.
  4. Do not touch the mask once it is in place.
  5. Do not take it off in public.
  6. Discard it in closed containers.
  7. Change it when it is already wet (never leave it all day long, let alone use it for several days).
  8. It is not recommended for use in children under two years of age, people with respiratory problems (asthma, lung diseases) or with reduced capacity.

How to verify that the mask meets the requirements?

  • It must have multiple layers, if only one, the protection level is very low, it does not provide any benefit.
  • “A good mask should not let air or light through”
  • It shouldn’t even allow drops of water to pass through

The Minister spoke about the different masks, the ones used in medical centers, especially with covid-19 patients and general use masks. He also stressed that making a mask at home can be both a benefit to the user and the health system, so as not to deplete stock fo medical services.

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On the Ministerio de Salud website, there is a detailed instruction of how to make a mask at home and the correct use of a mask.

Back to the numbers

Of the 804 confirmed cases, they are 430 men and 374 women, and that 520 patients have fully recovered.

Of the 277 active cases, 21 people are in hospital (6 of them in intensive care), while the rest are recuperating at home.

Of the number of confirmed cases, they are 691 Costa Ricans and 113 foreigners (of various nationalities).

There has been debate on social networks over the use of “foreigners”, that is, a foreigner is not necessarily a person illegally in the country, but also includes residents, who are technically foreigners in the country.


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