Costa Rica Continues With Highest Fuel Prices In The Region


While fuel prices in Central America show an increase, Costa Rica continues with the highest up to september 23.

The per US gallon of regular gasoline: Costa Rica $3.97, Nicaragua $3.55, Honduras $3.40, El Salvador $3.09, Guatemala $3.09 and Panama $2.83.

As explained by experts in the field, the current reference prices show increases in the prices of gasoline and diesel, this is because of the recent armed attack on the country of Saudi Arabia, which is the world’s second largest producer of oil and derivatives.


Last September 14, the Aramco state processing plant was bombarded by drones, which paralyzed 50% of its production around 5.5 million barrels of oil per day. Additionally, the refining of this plant was halted, which is equivalent to 7% of the world demand for refined products.

This incident caused international prices to increase abruptly between 12% and 15%, due to the fear of a fall in international supply. Likewise, producers and investors are in caution, because there is a possible geopolitical risk of a war between Saudi Arabia, the United States and Iran, generating uncertainty, even though Saudi Arabia reported that in a period of three weeks could return to 100% of its production and refining capacity.

Fuel prices per US gallon:

Prices in USD Regular Super Diesel
Costa Rica $3.97 $4.12 $3.43
Nicaragua $3.55 $3.70 $3.31
Honduras $3.40 $3.74 $3.19
El Salvador $3.09 $3.31 $2.99
Guatemala $3.09 $3.24 $2.75
Panama $2.83 $2.96 $2,68