Costa Rica Has A New Map: Includes 36,000 km2 of Maritime Territory Won in Court Against Nicaragua

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday presented the new official cartography for Costa Rica, as a result of the judgment of the International Court of Justice of February 2, 2018, which allowed the definition of all the borders with Nicaragua to be completed.


Costa Rica’s Foreign Ministry presented, Monday afternoon, the new map of Costa Rica with the 36,210 square kilometers (km2) of maritime that the country gained from Nicaragua during the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hauge, trial.

The dotted red lines below reflect the borders that Nicaragua had drawn unilaterally when it published the map to tender oil blocks.

The new cartography is the result of the definition of limits in both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, set by the judges on February 2 of this year.

The maritime space gained is the difference between the borders defined by The Hague and the limits that the government of Daniel Ortega demarcated, unilaterally, on the map with which it took out an international tender for a series of blocks of the Costa Rican sea, for oil and natural gas exploration and exploitation.


The map by the Nicaraguan government was the reason for which Costa Rica sued the neighboring country before the ICJ, in February 2014

Specifically, the Court resolution gave Costa Rica 25,330 km2 of territory in the Pacific Ocean and 10,880 km2 in the Caribbean Sea.

That map was the cause for which Costa Rica sued Nicaragua before the ICJ,  in February 2014. That dispute was resolved 80 days ago and, in its resolution, details the delimitation announced on Monday.

Specifically, Costa Rica won 25,330 km² in the Pacific Ocean and 10,880 km² in the Caribbean Sea.

The maritime territory won in the dispute, according to the ICJ ruling, is a little more than the one the Ministry of Foreign Affairs calculated.


Source (in Spanish): Presidencia