Costa Rican Santa Ana Wildlife
Costa Rican Santa Ana Wildlife

“Have you ever felt that your brain is bursting by the end of the day? The traffic noise, the radio’s on high, you get home to rest and your neighbors turn up the music…”

With these words, the renowned international magazine “EscapistTraveller” released an article recommending the 10 best destinations in the world to meditate in silence, in which Santa Ana in San Jose, received second place worldwide.

It’s the “Blanco Santuario Nube” (White Cloud Sanctuary) which they describe as an alternate lifestyle oasis that is found just west of the city’s capital in Costa Rica. They also describe it as the ideal place to submerge oneself in a spiritual journey, rejuvenating the body and connecting nature with the soul to celebrate life.

According to the article, this place has a small organic vegetable farm, exotic fruit trees and a few areas to practice outdoor yoga. They also have many animals such as horses, goats, ducks and rabbits. “Only one guest at a time is allowed (for meditation), therefore an individual intense spiritual study is guaranteed and includes Tai Chi and Qigong, Chinese practices that consist in deep breathing and a serene state of mind,” describes the article.

According to the publication, the realization of these types of journeys increases strength, reduces pain and body rigidness, improves sleep, creates a greater environmental conscience and generates a sense of well being for the tourist. Finally, it emphasizes that Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful natural sanctuaries for vacationing on the planet. “EscapistTraveller” is a London-based magazine that has 25 years of experience in the tourism and travel market.

The list of the 10 best destinations in the world for meditation, lists places in Thailand, Scotland, the United States, Mexico, India and of course, Costa Rica. To view the complete article click on the following link: