Costa Rica to captivate Scandinavians with its volcanoes, mountains and warm sea waters

The business mission to Europe by the tourism sector will be in the first week in November


From November 7 to 11, Costa Rican entrepreneurs from the tourism sector will visit Denmark, Sweden and Holland, where seminars will be held and seek to create connections with local tourism agents.

The business tour is organized by Asociación Grupo Futuropa Costa Rica for a visit to Denmark on November 7, Sweden on the 8th and Holland on the 11th. According to, “Costa Rica will captivate Scandinavians with its volcanoes, mountains and warm sea waters”.

Emerging market. Daniel Chavarría, president of Futuropa, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark can be considered an emerging market for Costa Rica.


“… among the characteristics of the Scandinavian countries that will be visited on the business tour, is that their inhabitants have many days of vacation a year (between 25 days and 30 days). Between 3 and 5 times they travel during the year and at least one trip is to distant destinations.” Chavarria told

Air connectivity of Costa Rica is another factor that would help boost the increase in tourist arrivals from these European countries.

According to Chavarria, there are at least 5 daily flights to Paris and Amsterdam with connections with some 12 Scandinavian countries. Air France and KLM have frequent direct service to/from San Jose and Paris and Amsterdam.

The arrival of Europeans to Costa Rica was led last year by France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany. The Scandinavian countries still do not have a strong weight in the arrivals of Europeans, but according to Futuropa it can be increased in the coming years, if Costa Rica makes marketing efforts in this geographical area.

Scandinavia is in the northern part of Europe and has an inclement climate. The countries have a cold climate and long, dark winters.