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Of the US$8.792 billion generated from services exports in Costa Rica between April 2016 and March 2017, 45% corresponded to the tourism sector.

From a statement issued by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT):

Tourism is consolidating itself as the leading sector driving growth of services exports ($62 million, + 4.8%), according to the Quarterly Analysis on the evolution of goods exports (II quarter) and services (I Quarter, 2017) in Costa Rica.

Exports of services accumulated in the 12 months between April 2016 and March 2017 amounted to $8.792 billion, of which 45% ($3,941 billion) corresponded to the Travel sector.

Mauricio Ventura, Minister of Tourism, said that it is extremely encouraging that this type of analysis supports the relevance of tourism as an engine of development.

According to the ICT website, of the more than 2 million visits per year, 75% of the people visiting Costa Rica travel for vacation, pleasure and liesure, while only 13% do so for professional and business purposes.

What is the favorite of visitors? The ICT says that 68% of visitors enjoy the sun and beaches of Costa Rica.

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