Four students of the  Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC) created a device that once installed in the vehicle’s it prevents the car from starting if the driver has had one too many.

dontdrinkInstalled in the vehicle’s seat  belt the driver will be required to blow into the device (one similar to that used by the Policia de Tránsito breathalyzer) and if the reading is below the legal limists, the engine will start.

The device will also send a text message or email programmed into the device, communicating the vehicle’s exact location.

Susana Ramirez, a Information Technology student explained that device is an “active block” on the engine’s ignition, allowing the vehicle to start only after the driver blows into the device. This forces the driver to take a breath test every time he or she gets behind the wheel.

The students presented the proposal at the Feria Nacional de Negocios del TEC (National Business Fair).

Several people attending the fair were interested in the installing the devices on their company vehicle fleet.

The next step is to develop a working prototype.