Sunday, 12 July 2020

COVID-19 Costa Rica: 86 new cases; baby shower adds 15 positive cases and eight suspected

(QCOSTARICA) A baby shower – té de canastilla in Spanish –  last week in Pavas, San José, added 15 infections and 8 suspected of some 50 people in attendance and police had to break up a ‘quinceñera’ party in Alajuelita are the new concern of Health officials as some people let their guard down in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Health Minister Daniel Salas, having the stage all to himself on Sunday and dressed informally, once again for the umpteenth day in a row deliver a high number of new daily cases of COVID-19

Health Minister Daniel Salas said that they expect more cases in the coming days from the baby shower, as well as the ‘quinceñera’ party where more than 60 people were crowded in a small space.

In addition, the Fuerza Publica was needed to break up other social gatherings, not as large in size, but all disregarding the protocols of social distancing and wearing a mask.

- paying the bills -

The good news, if you will, from Sunday’s presser is the number of hospitalized is down, a total of 26, 3 less than Saturday, of whom 4 are in intensive care.

The total accumulated cases is now 2, 213, which 1,614 are Costa Ricans and 559 foreigners.

The accumulated recovery is 1,032 people; 12 deaths (3 women and 9 men); and 1,169 active cases.

“I want to call responsibility. I understand that there are situations like today where many of us want to visit our father. We are living with a virus that is very dangerous. If we start to break social bubbles, the situation is going to complicate us a lot.”

“Behaving at the height of this requires that we all do our part and make that effort. There are months that follow. Tomorrow we will return to phase two, except in the cantons and districts on orange alert,” said Minister Salas.

- paying the bills -

Phase 2, is you will recall before Phase 3, the opening of malls, retail stores, and restaurants on weekends also, among others, was announced last Thursday and then postponed indefinitely on Friday.

Minister Salas said Phase 3 could be implemented as soon as the current situation is under control, suggesting not to get hopes too high for next weekend.

On Monday, the “new normal” vehicular restrictions return with restrictions from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm for vehicles ending with plates 1 & 2, Tuesday 3 & 4, Wednesday 5 & 6, Thursday 6 & 7, Friday 9 & 0; Saturday from 5:00 am to 7:00 for even-ending plates and Sunday for odd-ending.

Nighttime restrictions for all vehicles, save for the well-known exemptions are from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am weekdays and 7:00 pm to 5:00 am weekends.

“I always call for individual responsibility and all owners of establishments to be vigilant and follow protocols. I am sure that Costa Rica is an educated country and, although it is true, some people forgot that we were in a pandemic, the vast majority are ensuring that sanitary provisions are met so that there is no suffering in the country,” reiterated the minister.


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