José Cortés, owner of Destinos TV, announced Tuesday the opening of a bankruptcy proceeding before the San José Bankruptcy Court.

José Cortés (center), owner of Destinos TV in a press conference Tuesday on the opening of a bankruptcy process in the courts. With him are Destinos TV lawyer José Acuña and sales manager Evelyn Mamani. Photo: Alonso Tenorio.

The company went through a series of problems with customers; first, a group of Costa Ricans who tried to travel to the World Cup in Russia and recently with another group of clients who faced difficulties in a trip to Cancun, Mexico.

The businessman explained, at a press conference, that the decision was made because of a deterioration in the company’s finances. “Sales dropped from US$1,000,000 a month to just US$600,000,” explained Cortés.

“Do not look for me, I’ll find you” José Cortés

The businessman explained having difficulty making payroll, having to pay his more than 50 employees with loans, but declined to provide details of the debts of the company and the number of clients affected by the bankruptcy.

We were the leading company and we were torn apart. José Cortés

He said he will not rest looking for resources to assist those affected and that there are significant amounts in accounts receivable, but he did not provide figures.

Travel controversies

The difficulties of Destinos TV began when, in June of last year, a group of 300 Costa Ricans could not travel to the World Cup due to problems in the hiring of a charter flight that would take the fans to the World Cup.

Cortés announced that he would sue the Canadian company responsible for providing the service for a supposed US$2 million scam.

Last month, a group of 180 clients were “stranded” for several hours in Cancun. The problem occurred because the vacationers did not have the reservations made at the Gran Oasis Hotel in the Mexican city. The people were subsequently lodged in different hotels in Cancun.

Destinos TV television channel

Destinos TV promoted heavily its vacations around the world on its cable television channel dedicated entirely to travel and tourism, taking viewers to the “best places in the world to vacation”.

The cable channel presented the richest and diverse destinations of the Americas and the world, in hour-long programs, recorded in High Definition (HD).