Wednesday 27 September 2023

Dumb & Dumber Part 7

Paying the bills


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Dollar Exchange

¢532.11 BUY

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27 September 2023 - At The Banks - Source: BCCR

Paying the bills



Award # 1

That just has to go to INCOFER, our manager of trains which sometimes work and sometimes you need to take the bus.

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It was noted by the Spanish-language newspaper, La Nacion that the brakes on our trains are really breaks from trucks and not trains.l.

How long do they last, if at all, who knows?

Award #2

How is it possible that government monopolies such as electricity, gasoline, water and land-line phones lose money every year and with the blessing of the government, up their user fees.

There is no reasonable explanation!

But in each case, CNFL. RECOPE, ICE, AyA with the support of price fixing ARESEP get big increases in user fees not to mention the Mickey Mouse taxes that go to every organization except Little Sisters of the Poor.

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Award #3

Do you ever blink twice why our universal health, commonly known as the Caja or CCSS is out of money when everyone in the country, by law, must pay the monthly premium?

To start with an estimated 54,000 companies do not pay the premium collected from employees. Each employee pays in 9% of their salary to cover health insurance.Some 54,000 companies both large and small pocket the 9% while the employees go uninsured.

And, the federal government who is now making payments but is years behind.

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Award #4

It is about to cost tourists, business passenger $31 to enter Pura Vida and $51 to escape.

The good news is, that airlines can build these costs into the price of a ticket.

However, by land, sea or foot the $51 exit tax is applicable. So much for the
90-day perpetual tourist and so terribly much for the Nicaraguans who make the beds, clean the homes and pick the crops.

A family of four flying in from Detroit will pay $328 just to come in and out plus there is no guarantee they will ever see a monkey.

Award #5

It is a tie.

Head to head between our President Solis standing on a balcony, much like a male Eva Peron giving the V for victory sing to throngs of people in Lima, Peru. Not after the election of Kuczynki, but rather when he was still a candidate running against Fujimori.

Why are we promoting foreign political candidates?. If that were the U.S.all hell would break loose.

This Award must be shared with the government of Costa Rica.

We have $450 million in loans to improve roads. The money has been sitting there to draw down for 19 months and not one USD has been used up.

Yet, our streets are filled with potholes (huecos) the size of small jacuzzi, and I need to purchase new shocks for the cars every six months or like many drivers, memorize the locations to avoid them.

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Paying the bills
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