“Ecolones” A Hit With More Than 20,000 Consumers In The First Two Weeks

The separate, clean and recycle program allows consumers to save on products and promotions while helping out with the environment


More than 20,000 have registered for the ecolones program that pays you in exchange for separating waste and recycling it. The service launched on April 17 and its founders say the numbers in just two weeks is “really positive”.

What is econlones? In short, a program that sees the user separate and clean recyclable materials such as plastic, glass, tetra pak, aluminum and tin. and taken to one of the 37 collection centers (centros de acopio in Spanish) so far. There, the material is counted and converted into the virtual currency that can be accumulated (to the previously opened free account) and then can be spent on participating items at participating retailers.

Karla Chaves, director of Próxima Comunicación, the leading company of the program, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, explains consumers participating in the program no longer will have to pay full value for a product when using their ecolones.