“El Carretero De Chepe”

Don Romualdo, at 78, every day pushes his cart from downtown San Jose to Zapote and back to earn a living, selling fruits, to supplement his pension

Foto from Teletica.com

Don Romualdo, who is 78 years old, every day he takes to the streets, wheeling his cart (carretica) from the Mercado Bourbon, in the center of San Jose, to Zapote and back.

El Carretero De Chepe (the carteman of San Jose) told Teletica’s +QN that his pension is not enough, pushing his cart to make a living, however, “his happiness will never end”.


In the video, speaking to Juan Carlos Zumbado we see Don Romualdo pushing his cart against the traffic, and has never been harassed by the Transitos (traffic police).

Don Romualdo, who lives alone in Barrio Mexico (some 10 blocks from the Bourbon market) says he starts his day early, around 6:00 am and ends by 4:00 pm, is married, but doesn’t live with wife, who together have 8 children.

Don Romualdo, said pushing his cart in the streets of San Jose, is filled with aguacate (avocado), agua de pipa, bananas, mamon chinos and more, beats living in the farm of Perez Zeledon, his birthplace, and where there is no work for him.

Everyone knows Don Romualdo.

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