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Entertainment Or Nature. What’s Better In Costa Rica?

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Costa Rica is a country filled with beautiful nature, miles of coastline, and even volcanic formations. All these things make it a wonderful place for tourists, expats, and nationals alike.

However, whilst this Latin American paradise is most famously known for its landscape and unusual animals, there is so much more to discover. With cities packed with jazz bars, casinos, and live music, there is an underrated entertainment side to Costa Rica that isn’t spoken about nearly enough in the guidebooks.

So, what’s the area better for, entertainment or nature?


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Just like everyone else in the world, Costa Ricans love nothing more than to settle down and watch a daily soap opera, or telenovelas, as they are known. Getting gripped on dramatic storylines may not be unique to Costa Rica, but they are a great source of entertainment that lets you experience popular culture like a local. And with several of these widespread TVs shows around, people always have many options to choose from

Yet, that’s not the only source of leisure that residents enjoy. Online casinos are also really growing in popularity in this country. From easy to access games like Risk, to slot-orientated games like Yukon Gold, they offer a plethora of entertainment to choose from.

This means that, just like with telenovelas, people can easily find options to suit them. What’s more, is that there are plenty of promotions to choose from too with lots of websites making it easy for players to find them. For example, Bonusfinder evaluates Yukon Gold and Risk to find the best cash bonuses, free spins, and no deposit spins to pass onto the customer. So, it’s easy to find offers that match your wants and needs. This also makes it more straightforward to find entertaining games you know you will like.

With Costa Rica being such a cultural center, there are also plenty of museums to enjoy there too. From Museo de Arte Costarricense to Museo Nacional De Costa Rica there are plenty of cultural institutions that display Costa Rica’s rich history. As Tripadvisor suggests Museo de Arte, it’s clearly a gallery that’s a good place to visit, absorb the culture, and be entertained.

Source: Unsplash


There is a nature-based activity for every day of the week in Costa Rica. You can hike a volcano, swim in the sea, walk through the jungle, or go on a zip wire through the forest. You name it, this Central American country has it all, making it an absolute haven for anyone who loves to spend their time outdoors.

Because nature is everywhere in Costa Rica, there is a piece of the country close to every city. This means people aren’t having to spend hours traveling to a special spot to find a patch of greenery. The province of San Jose alone has butterfly parks, botanical gardens, lakes, and rainforests. Plus, when exploring these wonderful places, it’s no rarity to spot a mixture of exciting wildlife.

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Furthermore, while taking a trip around one of the amazing natural sites in Costa Rica, visitors can expect to see howler monkeys, hummingbirds, and even crocodiles. There is also plenty of information out there about Costa Rican wildlife. The site Costarica discusses American Crocodiles, for instance, in a fascinating light. So, whether you want to spend your time wandering through jungles or looking out for crocs, you can.

Source: Unsplash

When it comes to entertainment or nature in Costa Rica, which one wins? The entertainment options offer telenovelas, casinos, and museums. Yet, its nature offers rainforests and amazing animals. The truth is, both are just as good as each other.

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