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Great 5 Places for a Romantic Journey in Eastern Europe

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Do you plan a romantic journey with your partner? There are many fascinating places to go in Eastern Europe. If you have found your perfect match and want to spend more time together, the best way is to travel somewhere and learn more about your partner.

Many men wonder where to go with the bride when it is their first travel together.

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If you have communicated with the lady for months online and decided to make a serious step –meet in reality, choose a romantic destination.  Most women from Russian Brides for marriage would be glad to get an invitation to travel to some beautiful city and have a romantic weekend with their partner. Check the most popular romantic destinations and choose the place your partner and you like most.

Destination 1: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Most foreigners go to the capital of Russia – Moscow. It is beautiful but nothing can compare to St. Petersburg.  There is much to see and to do in this wonderful city. You can entertain yourself during the weekend by visiting museums, having a romantic dinner at a restaurant with delicious cuisine, go to the theatre.  The best time to go to St.Petersburg is summer as this city attracts tourists with its white nights.

Destination 2: Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a great destination for those who love legends and mystery. The streets of this city are beautiful and mysterious at the same time. You will spend an interesting weekend with your beloved listening to the local legends and wondering which of them are true. If you like fairytales, this place is exactly what you need. Visit amazingly beautiful cathedrals and enjoy the special atmosphere of this city.

Destination 3: Krakow, Poland

Do you like cities with a wide range of historical sights? Then, it is the best choice for you. Krakow is the place where you will see many wonderful cathedrals, monuments of talented architectures, and cultural masterpieces. In case you have time and can afford to visit two places during the vacation, don’t hesitate to go to Krakow after your visit to the Czech Republic.

Destination 4: Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Everyone knows that Croatia is a great sea resort. But if you want to see something else, besides nice beaches, you are recommended to choose Plitvice Lakes as your destination. You will see beautiful nature and plunge into the atmosphere of a fairytale when looking at waterfalls and alpine forests. Believe it, you will take tons of great pics with your beloved here.

Destination 5: Durmitor National Park, Montenegro

Are you tired of noisy cities and want to relax enjoying nature? Then, don’t look further. Montenegro is a great choice for those couples who want to forget about busy city centers and devote time to thoughts and ideas in some silent beautiful place. Visit Durmitor National Park and you will get strength and energy from nature. You will have many nice photos from the park with wonderful lakes and mountains. Besides the great views, you should try the cuisine at the local restaurants. You won’t regret your choice of a romantic destination if you go to the Durmitor National Park.

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If you want to get tons of emotions, travel together with your partner. Psychologists agree that travelling adds positive emotions to relationships and makes them stronger. You will have many new topics to discuss, learn about each other’s preferences, taste new dishes together, and do many things that are new to both of you.

Choose the destination you want to visit first and plan your trip together with your partner.

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