Some correspondents of Guana Noticias on Saturday visited different gas stations across the province, in order to check whether or not there is actually a shortage of fuel, as has been reported in the social networks, at the service stations.

From Guana Noticias

Verified was that the majority of the gasoline stations only had regular gasoline. Following is a detailed report:

  • Cañas: at the JSM Gran Parqueo gas station there is only super and regular gasoline.
  • Bagaces: the super and regular gasoline is out, only diesel.
  • La Cruz: the little regular gasoline that was left is already running out.
  • Filadelfia: the diesel has run out completely and there is very little gas left.
  • Liberia: two gas stations are already out of service, because the fuel is exhausted and those that still have only regular gasoline, however, the JSM apparently have enough of both fuels.
  • Hojancha: does not have fuel of any kind.
  • Santa Cruz: several gas stations ran out of gasoline and a limited amount of diesel.
  • Nicoya: the gas station, the Alliance does not have fuel and two other gas stations have a super and regular reserve.
  • Jicaral: does not have fuel of any kind.

Some of the fuel stations that still had fuels, were collapsed by number of customers, who have the worry of not being able to fill their tank, before the fuel reserves at gasoline stations are fully empty.

Lines up at Playas del Coco gas station. Photo from Facebook

Guana Noticias updated their survery Sunday afternoon, finding only the only the Huacas gas station had gasoline, but by the night it had run out of fuel reserves.

The shortage of gasoline in the Guanacaste province is due to the different roadblocks reported in the different sectors of Puntarenas and Guanacaste, a direct effect of the national strike that today, Monday, September 17, enters its eighth day.

Bus service affected
The lack of fuel is also affecting bus service to and from the province. On the Facebook group, Costa Rica by Bus, posted Sunday, “Currently, there are no buses leaving the Nicoya Peninsula for San Jose and most all the local bus lines have no fuel to run buses. La Pampa, Folklarica and a few others are not servicing the coast until further notice. Of course, these companies are such great communicators that you will only know when they resume operations when a bus arrives.”

Kent Ogletree posted, “Just experienced this. Had bus scheduled to San Jose this morning. Got up way early to find no local bus. Then get to TRALAPA station to find morning bus canceled as the bus has no fuel. Almost zero Collectivos out either to get back home. Now we try to get back to the station for afternoon bus.”

Truckers join the strike
The gas shortage may soon be felt in the other provinces with the announced this weekend by fuel transports that they will, as of Monday, join the strike saying they have received threats to burn the tankers if they continue trying to take fuel to the different regions of the country.

The truckers say they will resume work when authorities can guarantee them the necessary security.