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How Communists Are Exploiting the Coronavirus Pandemic to Create Their “Paradise”

The coronavirus has, in record time, pushed many governments around the world to take the first and very important steps that leftists enact as soon as they have some degree of power

ReportsHow Communists Are Exploiting the Coronavirus Pandemic to Create Their “Paradise”

The coronavirus has, in record time, pushed many governments around the world to take the first and very important steps that leftists enact as soon as they have some degree of power

( “The crisis has matured! Indecisiveness is a crime! The revolution must be now, and power taken; otherwise, all will be lost!” Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. 1917.

Socialists and communists have always been clear that crises are, in many cases, the only chance they have to stay in power. It is in these “exceptional circumstances” —as Pablo Iglesias calls them—when a large number of people feel abandoned, anguished by an uncertain future, or trapped in a difficult economic situation, that the leftist discourse is the most effective.

Now, let us note that we are not merely experiencing a crisis. The coronavirus- albeit in a different form and for different reasons- has also pushed many governments around the world to take, in record time, the first and very important steps that leftists enact as soon as they have some degree of power.

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Whenever they come to power, communists work hard to create a clientele network that will vote for them and support them in the future. So instead of looking for real solutions to lift people out of poverty altogether, they offer them subsidies or useless jobs where citizens are dependent on politicians. At the same time, they make life difficult for entrepreneurs, resulting in more and more unemployed people who can be hooked into their clientele network. Many of them will not be able to get subsidies, but plunging them into poverty will make them easy prey to convince so long as the government offers them aid and blames right-wing entrepreneurs and politicians for their misery.

In a normal situation, it takes the left years of work, organization, and a lot of money to get through this process. Because of the coronavirus, in a matter of weeks, countries have “advanced” several steps on that road to communism. In other words, they have descended several meters into the abyss of communism. Companies have been forced to close, people cannot leave their homes so they can not “seek” income on their own, many are sick or have sick relatives, and in this crisis, they have no way to pay the expenses raised by the calamity. In just a few weeks, government spending and the people who need help have both increased dramatically because people have lost their jobs.

Moreover, there is another frightening issue: the government can ban people from going out. Then, in most countries, it is forbidden to protest, to react to the advances of the left.

The only thing that can really help the economy recover from this blow is to eliminate taxes so that as many companies as possible can stay afloat, to liberalize the labor market so that employers and employees can negotiate working conditions freely and to minimize layoffs, while, at the same time, reducing rules and regulations for the business sector to make rapid progress in all areas that make a country conducive to creating new businesses and generating value.

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Now, that is clearly not going to happen in countries with leftist governments, and it will definitely not happen in a country like Spain where some communists and partners of international drug traffickers are fighting to establish their “paradise.”

So, what will they do? How will they take advantage of a pandemic to achieve the communist “paradise?”

The first thing is to stop economic activity from resuming in any significant way. We must keep a good number of people without income, so they need the help of the government and who support politicians who offer state subsidies and health care.

We will have to take care of appearances to some degree and allow some activity. Giving confusing instructions is a good starting point. Many people will not open their businesses out because of fear; many will not go out.

At the same time, we must work on buying or “neutralizing” those who might impede their perpetuation in power. So communist governments take control of the judicial system, establish links with the military and the police, intimidate and persecute legitimate opposition parties, take control of the media, and try to censor and persecute people who are bothersome on social media.

While all this is going on, where the left has power, people will be locked up in their homes. Because of the pandemic, they are prohibited from protesting, maybe they don’t want to get infected, and many don’t even have time to reflect on these political issues, they are worried, trying to cope with the economic crisis or helping a sick family member.

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Then, while they have everyone locked up, they destroy the economy using the coronavirus as an excuse and make millions of people dependent on subsidies because there is no other option. No protest, no work, no earning your own money. Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.

What is happening in the United States is a novelty that, once again, shows us how strong and important are the values and ideas on which this great country was built. In different parts of the U.S., there have been protests, including armed ones. In Michigan, protesters entered the Capitol with their guns, demanding an end to the lockdown enacted by the Democratic governor. Open-carry is legal in the state of Michigan. The police, knowing the right of Americans to protest and have weapons, allowed the demonstration even inside the Capitol.

Also, in different parts of the U.S., police have declared that they will not comply with orders to keep people completely confined by preventing activities that do not represent any danger and are necessary for the survival of many people. The declarations that we are seeing in the United States these days on this matter are shocking to those of us who come from countries where people have simply become accustomed to obeying any nonsense spouted by the ruler of the day. To see a policeman telling the media that he will always “put constitutional rights before political opinions” and that therefore, he will not abide by draconian measures that go against common sense is encouraging for those of us who defend freedom.

But these wonders only happen in the United States for now. In Spain, for example, the coalition government between socialists and communists has banned a demonstration that would take place as a caravan: each person from their car, no danger of contagion. But the government prohibits it, and there are neither statements like those of the American police nor demonstrations with armed citizens, making it clear that they will fight the moment they want to take away people’s freedom.

The coronavirus has cleared the field for communists. It is an opportune moment for the left in general, but above all, for those who already wield a certain amount of power and want to perpetuate themselves and implant their totalitarian paradise once and for all. It will depend primarily on two things that achieve their task: first, the reaction of society, and second, the reaction of the police and military.

It is fundamental that where the communists advance, society understands this as a matter of life and death. In Venezuela, people die of hunger and of any disease that is easily curable in a normal country. In Cuba, they have lived like dogs for decades.

There is still time for many to react. The first thing is not to let them lock us up with irrational quarantines and destroy the economy. Once they have ruined us, we will no longer have the strength or resources to face them. They are not playing games.

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