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How to write a great blog post

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Paying the bills


Five easy steps to write your greatest blog post from an idea to proofreading. A piece of advice on all of the details about post writing.

Even if you spend months or even years studying theory and reading others’ posts on the internet, you will never nail it until you start writing on your own. Try following our step-by-step guide to writing your first greatest blog post.

Five easy steps to create the perfect post

Did you know that you can divide the entire post-writing process into five easy steps? In this article, we will guide you through them, but let’s take a look at its outline at first:

  • Step 1. Plan your post
  • Step 2. Write a headline
  • Step 3. Work on the text
  • Step 4. Enhance the post with media, humor, etc.
  • Step 5. Edit the complete post
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Now let’s get into the detail.

Step 1. Plan your post

If you are a beginner blogger, we want to remind you that writing the perfect blog post usually takes more than a few hours. Thinking, researching, and even proofreading – everything counts in the process, from generating an idea to pushing the “publish” button.

To start working on a post, choose a topic that interests you. Lack of enthusiasm from the writer will affect the reader’s reaction to the post.

After you have the topic for your post, research it, find any interesting facts and check them. Try not to rely on third-party facts to avoid misunderstanding and sharing fake information. Also you can try buying an essay paper if you need to make your post fast and easy.

Also, make sure to create an outline for the post before starting the writing process itself. It will help you to stay on track through the process. It doesn’t have to be detailed or lengthy – it just needs to describe the structure of your future post.

Step 2. Write a headline

Choosing a proper headline for your article defines the success of your post. Try some popular techniques for your headline – for example, ask a question. People usually look for answers to their questions on the internet. Keep in mind that people love how-to and top-something articles. This kind of headline may attract more readers as well. Here are a few points to consider while choosing a headline for your post:

  • Its length: it shouldn’t be too long, it shouldn’t be too short
  • Does it reflect the article’s topic and point?
  • Will it attract the potential reader?

Step 3. Work on the text

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Now that you have research results, a headline (at least a working title), and the outline of your post, you are ready to start working on the actual text.

We suggest you not making the final draft in one attempt. It is better to come back to the first draft the next day to give it some finishing touches. You might want to cut out unnecessary parts, add missing details, edit some writing issues, etc.

Another approach to writing your post is cutting it down in pieces. In this case, you will work on one piece at a time instead of typing the entire draft in one take.

Step 4. Enhance your post

Depending on the topic of your post, it is useful to use different media to enhance it. Nowadays, simple infographics have become more and more popular among bloggers. They are easy to create, and they are great for illustrating and explain some of the more complex topics and researchers.

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Adding images will help your post flow more effectively, especially if it is a long post. Modern readers get tired of long posts, but images make it easier for them to perceive.

Sometimes it is also great to include some video or audio fragments. It works best for specific blogs and articles, but you can try this for your niche.

Step 5. Edite the complete post

If you got to this point, it means you have already done a great job on your post. You have gathered a lot of information and conducted research, wrote the draft, enhanced it with images or other media files.

Now you have only the final part left, which is at the same time the most important one. You have to edit your post before publishing the final piece. Let us guide you through the most important points in this part.

Try reading your post aloud

This simple trick will help you check flow. If it feels awkward to read the sentence or paragraph out loud, it will seem awkward in your reader’s mind as well. By the way, many writers learn this trick in the workshops.

Ask someone else for an honest review

It helps a lot when you have someone else read your work. Choose a person with enough qualifications to proofread your work. They will point out any grammatical issues that you have missed or unclear sentences or paragraphs.

Keep it short

Try keeping your sentences as short as possible. Don’t make too long paragraphs as well to make it easier for the reader to understand your post.

Don’t be afraid to adapt on the fly

Make any necessary changes to the post right away. Whether it is after someone’s review, reading the piece out loud, or getting a proofreader’s feedback – don’t be afraid to make cuts or change the post.

Accept that your post will never be perfect

It is impossible to make the perfect post. Even if it is grammatically ideal, with no writing issues like unclear or wordy sentences, it will have some other issues that you will never get rid of, you can google where can i buy research papers online and make your blog post a little bit better.

Remember, practice is a key to success. So if you are a blogger, reading other blogs and going through tons of theory will never be enough – you have to improve your post-writing skills by writing a blog yourself. So go take your pen and start working on another greatest post of your time.


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